How to Make Your Room Spray Last Longer

by Danielle De Guzman March 05, 2020

How to Make Your Room Spray Last Longer

Oil changes, cooking oil, laundry detergent. No matter what the product is, we always want to extend its life. Room spray is no exception. That’s why we’re here to breakdown just how to make your room spray last longer. We’re here with four ways to get the most out of your 4 ounces!

Use Sparingly: Our room sprays are potent. Being that we love to offer only the very best to our customers, we’ve crafted each of our room sprays to be robust in aroma and benefits. Whether you’re using Cedarwood Spruce, Frankincense Lime or French Lavender Sage, you only need a few spritzes to bring your indoor air to life.

Layer Your Home: You’ve probably heard of layering (we’ve previously covered it). It’s a crafty way to offset the use of your room spray. If you’re diffusing (say, with the Terrazzo or the smaller, passive Reed diffuser), a little help can take some of the heavy lifting off of your room spray. Better still, pair your favorite room spray aroma with its accompanying synergy blend.

Spray It On Cloth: Spray it on your towels — both of the kitchen and washroom varieties! This will keep the aromatic bliss going longer. Whereas room spray will eventually dissolve into your air, traces of it will hang on a little longer to cloth and other linens.

Spray It On Bedding: Spray your sheets and pillows. Before bed, extend the life of your room spray by spritzing it on your bedding. Each night, you’ll hit the hay being greeted with your favorite room spray aroma. And you don’t have to respray it every night if you don’t want to!

We hope this quick guide has been helpful in elongating the life of your room spray. Have your own special technique we didn’t cover? Drop us a line in the comments! 

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