Room Spray Hacks for the Holiday Season

by Danielle De Guzman November 17, 2020

Room Spray Hacks for the Holiday Season

With the biggest days of the holiday season approaching, you may be feeling the pressure of visiting family and friends or staying home and enjoying company from afar via Facetime or Zoom. Rest assured, there are many ways to stay healthy and cautious, while also sparking holiday cheer in your home courtesy of Edens Garden

If you are hosting, take solace in the fact that you can elevate your soiree with helpful room spray hacks. Read on for our helpful tips to keep you joyous with peace of mind all season long.

Keep It Close, Keep It Everywhere

Between the kitchen, washroom, living room and dining room, there’s a varietal mix of aromas in the air. Bringing more than a few folks together indoors likely means stuffier air and intermingling smells. So, instead of tracking down the only room spray in your home, keep a few strategically placed in every room. 

You can mix and match a few different aromas, making each room in your home unique. Try Cedarwood SpruceFrankincense Lime and  Tangerine Jasmine in different parts of your house for a trifecta of beautiful-yet-different aromas.

Keep It Handy For Hand Towels

During the holidays, your washroom hand towels are always working overtime. Guest in, guest out, repeat. Help keep your towels smelling merry and bright by spritzing them with our new holiday room sprays. Your guests will thank you too! 

Keep It Bedside

The pace of the holiday rush can wear out even the most energetic of people. So, when it’s time for bed, be extra-kind to your mind and body by giving your pillow and linens a few sprays of Good Night to put you in a restful mood and deep slumber.

Keep It Layered

Layering your home with a room spray is key to maintaining a beautiful aroma throughout from room to room. We previously covered how to layer your aromas (remember: pair like with like). So, if you adore the minty, energizing aroma of Candy Cane Lane synergy blend, diffuse that oil while simultaneously spritzing Candy Cane Lane room spray in the same room.

Keep It On-The-Go

The holiday season doesn’t only mean hosting. Chances are, you could be traveling. If you’re hopping on a plane or taking a road trip, that means packing a bag. Keep your suitcase and outfits aromatically pleasing, no matter where you’re off to! A quick spray or two of French Lavender Sage on the inner lining of your suitcase goes a long way. And, because our room sprays are made using 100% pure essential oils, you can rest easy knowing that your clothes and suitcase will be unharmed while smelling great! 

While you’re at it, keep our Hand Sanitizer Spray handy while travelling to protect against germs and bacteria. 

Whether you’re spreading holiday cheer alone or with loved ones this year, these are only a few strategies to get your home smelling great for the holidays, naturally. Share your favorite room spray hacks in the comments below!

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