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Room Spray Hacks for the Holiday Season

by Erin Sweeney December 24, 2019

Room Spray Hacks for the Holiday Season

With the biggest days of the holiday season only a couple days away, you may be feeling the pressure of hosting. It goes without saying that you love having friends and family over, but there’s a laundry list of tasks to accomplish in order to be prepared — including the actual laundry. But while you’re cooking and cleaning (and checking off whatever else is on your to-do list), take solace in the fact that you know how to elevate your soiree with room spray hacks. “Which rooms spray hacks?” you ask. These ones!

Keep It Close, Keep It Everywhere

Between the kitchen, washroom, living room and dining room, there’s a varietal buffet of aromas, and they’re not all food-related. Bringing more than a few folks together indoors likely means stuffier air and intermingling smells. So, instead of tracking down your only room spray in your home, keep a few strategically placed. You might think about having a few different aromas too, just to add dimension and nuance to your home’s aroma. Try  Cedarwood Spruce,  Frankincense Lime and  Tangerine Jasmine in different parts of the house for a trifecta of beautiful-yet-different aromas.

Keep It Handy For Hand Towels

During the holidays, your washroom hand towels are always working overtime. Guest in, guest out, over and over again. Help keep your towels smelling fresh and bright by spritzing them with any of our room sprays. Your guests will thank you too.

Keep It Bedside

The pace of the holiday rush can wear out even the most energetic of us. So, when it’s time to hit the hay, be extra-kind to your mind and body by giving your pillow and linens a couple sprays of your favorite room spray. We recommend the soothing French Lavender Sage or Chamomile Lavender to put you in a restful mood.

Keep It Layered

Layering your home with a room spray is key to maintaining a beautiful aroma in your home. Wepreviously covered how to layer your aromas (remember: pair like with like). So, if you adore the aroma ofRose Bergamot synergy blend, go ahead and diffuse that oil while simultaneously spritzingRose Bergamot room spray in the same room.

Keep It On The Go

The holiday season doesn’t only mean hosting. Chances are, you could be traveling. If you’re hopping on a plane or taking a road trip, that means packing a bag. Keep your suitcase and outfits aromatically pleasing, no matter where you’re off to! A quick spray or two on the inner lining of your suitcase goes a long way. And, because our room sprays are made using 100% pure essential oils, you can rest assured that your clothes and suitcase will be unharmed while smelling great!

These are only a few strategies to get your holidays smelling great. Do you have any hacks you use for your room sprays? Let us know in the comments below!

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