Nourish Your Skin With Our Rose Cleanser DIY

by Bella Martinez May 03, 2018

Nourish Your Skin With Our Rose Cleanser DIY

One of the best oils for skincare, Rose absolute helps firm, nourish, restore and draw moisture to skin. The DIY Rose Cleanser includes the skin-loving bar soap, nourishing emollients of aloe vera and glycerin, and the rich, sultry oils of Rose and Sweet Orange. This versatile cleanser can be used for face, body, and hands. Here’s how to create your own-

What you need

100 g  Liquid soap

10 drops  Rose absolute

10 drops  Sweet Orange

15 g Aloe vera juice

10 g Glycerin

Preservative (manufacturer's recommended amount)

How to

Add aloe vera and glycerin to the unscented liquid soap by stirring. Then, add the essential oils and preservative. Transfer to a soap container (we find a funnel works best for transferring) and let fully cool. Use as a nourishing body, face or hand wash. Enjoy!

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