The DIY Exfoliator You’ll Never, Ever Look Back From

by Bella Martinez April 15, 2019

The DIY Exfoliator You’ll Never Ever Look Back From

Whether or not you're living in an area with weather in-step with the current season, many of us are still experiencing dry, Winter skin. In which case, it may be time to exfoliate. Exfoliators help remove dead skin buildup, which in turn prevents acne, unclogs pores, softens skin texture and increases cell turnover. In other words, there are a lot of reasons to stan an exfoliator.

To help combat common skincare woes, EG experts combined premium ingredients of Hazelnut oil, shea butter, Vanilla Sandalwood synergy blend and brown sugar to create an exfoliant like no other. Nourishing, emollient-rich Hazelnut carrier oil alone will leave your skin feeling buttery-smooth. But we took it a step further by adding shea butter which locks in moisture and balances both dry and oily skin. Vanilla Sandalwood solidifies this exfoliant as a treat for your skin with its tantalizing aroma and benefits towards eczema, inflammation and fine lines. To top it all off, brown sugar was chosen for its effective, exfoliating action, and because it contains more minerals and nutrients than refined sugar. Here’s how to create an expensive, spa-quality treatment for less and from the comfort of home.

What you need

½ cup Brown sugar

¼ cup Hazelnut carrier oil

¼ cup Shea butter

18 drops Vanilla Sandalwood


How to

Yield: ¾ cups of sugar scrub

Melt shea butter in a double boiler and remove from heat. Add Hazelnut carrier oil and Vanilla Sandalwood, then combine with brown sugar. To use, take a small scoop and scrub dead skin and resilient dirt away (use this scrub after cleansing with body wash). Pat skin dry after bathing. Use 2-3 times per week for happier, healthier skin.

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