Tidy Up - Kitchen - All Purpose Cleaner DIY

If cooking is an art form, than the kitchen is a studio. Just as in the studio, creating something beautiful, and in this case palatable, can lead to undesirable messes.

You might wash the dishes and wipe the counters on a daily basis, but when was the last time you cleaned out your cabinets or looked in the back of the fridge? If there was ever a time to give the heart of the home a good cleaning, it’s spring. To help you get started, our staff has put together a few helpful tips to make your kitchen spick and span.

The Fridge

 Start by removing the cheeses and produce that are looking a little on the green side. Check expiration dates and toss anything past due. If you can’t remember when you purchased something that’s been chilling in the freezer, it might be good to toss that too.

Once you’ve removed all of the undesirables, take all of your refrigerated items out and put them aside. Take a cleaning spray and wipe down the shelves, drawers and sides of the fridge. It’s good to work fast so the food doesn’t spoil. This might also be a good time to make room for oil storage if you’ve been meaning to start refrigerating your oils.

Drawers & Cabinets

 Again, get rid of anything that’s been sitting in your drawers and cabinets that you don’t use. If you have multiple spoons and spatulas, pick your favorites and move the others to storage. The holiday dish sets that have been sitting in your cabinets are probably wanting to join the rest of the holiday decor in your garage.

After completing this first step, remove everything and wipe down cabinets and drawers. Replace kitchenware by organizing it where it is most functional: bowls with bowls, plates with plates, mugs with mugs, etc.

The Oven

 Often the most overlooked area of the kitchen, the oven can contain hard to clean crumbs and gunk that have been baked on over time. Many ovens today have self cleaning features that, when used, locks the oven and heats it to the point where grime burns off.

f you want to clean your oven the old fashioned way, pour a light amount of vinegar on the bottom of the oven and shake baking soda over it. Let the paste sit for an hour, and wipe away using a cloth. Oven racks can be cleaned by scrubbing with baking soda and vinegar. After scrubbing, rinse the racks with hot water.


Spray and wipe away gunk, marks and spills with this DIY all purpose surface cleaner. This recipe is a good alternative for general cleaning, thanks to the antibacterial properties of Pine and Lemon essential oils. Please note, this solution should not be used on granite countertops. 

½ c. Witch Hazel

½ c. Vinegar

10 drops Pine

10 drops Lemon

8 oz spray bottle

Note: This recipe does not contain a preservative and has a recommended 1 week shelf life.

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