Travel Abroad With Lemon & Orange Around The World Oils

by Bella Martinez May 21, 2020

Travel Abroad With Lemon & Orange Around The World Oils

Travel abroad with Lemon and Orange Around The World oils! Unlike the individual oils they contain, our Around The World oils contain the same oil from different regions creating a uniquely aromatic and highly therapeutic oil. 


Today we tour Argentina, Italy, and Spain. Though each culture is vastly different, they share a few things in common, including the fact they produce juicy, vibrant, aromatic Lemon crops. Of these optimal harvests, we’ve gathered our citrus to create Lemon Around The World oil. Lemon-lovers will fall head-over-heels for this sophisticated, joyful, burst of zesty-goodness. Not to mention, Lemon Around The World oil is a wonderful air purifier that also heals scrapes, soothes inflammation, and supports the immune system in a variety of ways. Blend Lemon Around The World oil with Yuzu, Neroli, and Lavender for the ultimate uplifting diffuser cocktail. 


We couldn’t just stop with one citrusy new addition. Our next oil is quite cosmopolitan, having enjoyed the Caribbean in Belize, the Mediterranean in Greece and Italy, and the beautiful west and east coast in California and Florida. Orange is a fruit that thrives in a warm climate and each of these regions we’ve sourced from has exactly that, along with optimal humidity, soil, and growing conditions. The result of perfectly farmed and distilled Orange is a buoyant, sweet, and fruity delight and the orangiest essential oil you’ve ever beheld. Like Lemon, Orange contains an ultra-high concentration of limonene which lends this Around The World oil to being great for cleaning, purifying the air, uplifting, supporting the immune system while also encouraging healthy digestion. Try combining Lemon and Orange Around The World oils to hyper boost any of the above mentioned therapeutic properties. 

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