Try This Parent-Approved Essential Oil Stain Remover

by Jenna Jones October 15, 2019

Try This Parent-Approved Essential Oil Stain Remover

With kids in the house, spills and stains are inevitable. We don’t love that stains are a part of life, but we do love that there’s a way you can easily remove them. Enter our DIY, parent-approved stain remover. Powered by non-toxic ingredients like Lemon essential oil, you’ll be amazed at just how effective this solution is at removing tough stains. Take it from someone with twin toddlers, this stuff really works.

What You Need

2 oz Water

1 tbsp Grain alcohol (190 proof)

1 tbsp Dish soap

40 drops Lemon essential oil

PET plastic squirt bottle

How To

Combine the grain alcohol and Lemon essential oil. Add your essential oil solution mix and dish soap to the water, then transfer to a squirt bottle. Test your solution on an inconspicuous area of the fabric prior to using a copious amount on the stain.

When a spill occurs, it’s best to work fast. Dab or vacuum away (don’t rub) any excess stain-causing substance. Then spray the affected area thoroughly. Stained, machine-washable clothing can and should be washed after being sprayed. A cold water setting is preferred for most stains.

Note that if the stain remains in the fabric after 8 hours, spray again. Resist the urge to rub stains in.

Grab The Essentials Here:

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