We’re Donating Your Anxiety Ease Purchase To Laura’s House

by Grace Martin July 25, 2023

Edens Garden x Laura's House

Edens Garden is teaming up with Laura’s House to help support families affected by domestic violence by donating 100% of the proceeds of one of our most popular blends for a limited time. How can you help? By purchasing Anxiety Ease essential oil blend from July 25th through August 18th!

Laura’s House is a non-profit organization based in Orange County, CA that helps provide safe housing and services, including:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
  • Transitional Housing Program
  • Domestic Violence Resource Center
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Teen Workshops for At-Risk Youth 

Since 1994, their goal has been to support these women, men and children every step of the way to rebuild their lives to be more independent and violence-free. Laura’s House has played a critical role in the lives of 78,000 adults and children!

Along with donations from proceeds, Edens Garden has provided essential oils such as Anxiety Ease to Laura’s House. Their team has incorporated essential oils into anti-anxiety techniques and therapy sessions to help their clients manage stress and work through difficult situations. 

Here’s What Some Team Members And Clients Of Laura’s House Had To Say About Using Essential Oils:

”I have a client who has been struggling with anxiety for most of her life, but it worsened after she found herself in an abusive relationship. The client eventually was able to leave her abuser, but she is still being weighed down by panic attacks and the feeling of being on edge most of the time.

The client has never tried aromatherapy before but she was open to the idea of using essential oils during our session together. I asked the client to put some Anxiety Ease essential oil on her wrists at the beginning of the session. When the client became upset or dysregulated in the session, I asked her to smell the oil and engage in deep breathing. The client reported that the smell of the oils calmed her nerves and she was able to relax.” 

Madison Benjamin, MFTT

"I brought the essential oil into two therapy sessions today, and both clients participated in using it. Client one decided to not apply it topically, but rather breathed in the scent through the first half of the session. Client two applied it directly to her wrists and periodically engaged with the scent during the session. Both clients responded positively to the use of the oil during the session and felt it was an enhancement to the overall session.”

Michelle Dawson, AMFT & APCC

“I like using this scent because it smells great, and the scent reminds me of my childhood. I feel peace.”

- Domestic Violence Advocacy Center Client

“This scent makes me feel a certain way, in a good way.” 

- Domestic Violence Advocacy Center Client

Anxiety Ease

Why Anxiety Ease? For years, this blend has been one of our bestsellers for its calming benefits and soothing aroma. If you’re looking to lower stress this summer, here are a few ways to get the most out of Anxiety Ease.

  • On-The-Go Diffusion: The most effective way to enjoy the many benefits of Anxiety Ease is by inhaling it. Edens Garden offers several dependable Essential Oil Diffusers like the Pearl Diffuser and Terrazzo. But if you’re vacationing or getting outdoors this summer, lugging around a Diffuser is not an option. Opt for the Mio Mist or Essential Oil Inhaler for on-the-go anxiety-free diffusion. 

  • Quick Relief: Grab Anxiety Ease roll-on for convenient and effective topical use. Apply to your pulse points like the neck and wrists for quick relief. Alternatively, treat yourself this summer to a restorative massage by combining 35 drops of Anxiety Ease in Edens Garden’s Unscented Body Oil.

  • Cooling Spray: Beat the heat while relieving anxiety by creating a cooling essential oil spray. In a 1 oz glass spray bottle, combine 15 drops of Anxiety Ease with 2 tsp 190-proof alcohol and top with distilled water. Spritz on to cool off. Better yet, add your cooling formula to a spray bottle fan. 

  • Soak It In: Release the day's worries with a rejuvenating bath. Combine 1 oz carrier oil, 6 drops of Anxiety Ease and 1 cup Epsom salt. Add to your bath and soak in the goodness.

  • Meditate: Start meditating this summer to help de-stress and focus on the positive. Pair your meditation time with Anxiety Ease to help usher in good thoughts and release negativity.

  • We are honored to be supporting Laura’s House and hope you will join us in helping this incredible organization. 


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