What's in EG's Top Synergy Blends Set?

by Grace Martin August 08, 2019

What's in EG's Top Synergy Blends Set?

At EG, our synergy blend collection combines science, aromatic excellence, safety and efficacy, taking the guesswork out of using essential oils. Each essential oil blend is formulated by experts, blended with care and created to enhance mental and physical well-being.

Therefore, it was a no-brainer to create a set that spotlighted our favorite and most-prized synergy blends. Each set contains a variety of oils that complement everyday issues and ailments. As much as we believe in blends being therapeutic, we also believe that they should be aromatically appealing. Which is why our blends master the art of crafting elegant aromas, without the use of fragrance or synthetics. If you have yet to try our synergy blends or want to really fall head-over-heels for them, these are the sets for you.

Available In All Synergy Blend Sets

Breathe Easier: A great day can be greatly soured by an inability to breathe properly. Breathe Easier is a respiratory-friendly blend that clears congestion and other such infirmities within a few whiffs. When cold and flu season roll around, you’ll want to have this blend on deck.

Fighting Five: We couldn’t call it our Top Synergy Blend Set without including Fighting Five. Based on an ancient remedy that kept people well during the black plague, this healthful blend has been keeping people in tip-top shape throughout EG’s decade-long existence.

Available In Synergy Blend 6 Set+

Joy: You know that feeling you get when you tidy up your whole space? Well, we’ve bottled that feeling and called it “Joy.” This floral, luxe and aptly-named blend will surely sweeten up the sourest of days.

Available In Synergy Blend 12 Set+

Lemongrass Ylang Ylang: Lemongrass Ylang Ylang is refreshingly citrusy and floral, able to redeem a stress-filled day. This mood-boosting blend helps release pent-up tension, restoring both mind and body.

Available In Synergy Blend 24 Set+

Lavender Magnolia: A relatively new blend to the EG lineup but already a favorite, Lavender Magnolia is a sparkling blend of florals and citrus. Inspiring honesty and connection, this sweet blend is great to diffuse when it comes to relationship development.

Earth & Wood: A cherished blend among lovers of earthy, woodsy oils, Earth & Wood is a sophisticated take on the great outdoors. Like the aroma of the sun beating down on the forest floor, its aroma is warm and inviting. 

Available In Synergy Blend 48 Set

French Lavender Sage: Velvety, smooth and poised, French Lavender Sage carries a certain finesse. As one customer put it, “[French] Lavender Sage is the scent I never knew I needed but now I can't live without...It's this calming, soft, sweet, earthy aromatic fragrance.” We couldn’t agree more.

Tobacco Patchouli: When discussing sophisticated blends, one mustn't neglect Tobacco Patchouli. Reminiscent of leather and vintage books, Tobacco Patchouli beckons you to slow down and take time for yourself.

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