Why You Should Use Rosemary Essential Oil

by Jenna Jones October 17, 2017

Why You Should Use Rosemary Essential Oil

Sometimes, one oil is so great that we can’t help but give it the attention it deserves, and in this case, it’s Rosemary essential oil. At EG, we love Rosemary so much that we offer two different types of it. Why so much love for this oil, you ask? Let us count the ways why everyone should use Rosemary.

  1. Breathe betterRosemary has the ability to soothe inflammation, reduce bacteria and open up nasal passages and lungs. This powerful oil aids in reducing spasmodic coughing and breathing, making this your go-to oil for respiratory issues.
  2. Energize: The aroma of Rosemary is naturally invigorating, and can help to motivate. Diffuse in the morning or while studying to stop procrastinating and stay focused.
  3. Muscle Soothing: Use Rosemary to deter muscle aches and assist circulation. Rosemary is often used in sports massages and after workouts to soothe muscles.
  4. Hair Growth: Oils that assist circulation are also good picks for helping stimulate hair growth, which is why Rosemary is deemed one of the best for this issue. Try EG’s DIY Shampoo with Rosemary EO for this.
  5. Memory: Finally, one study proved Rosemary EO to improve cognitive function and memory, showing that it is one oil you can’t forget.

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Edens Garden

May 21, 2021 at 12:19 pm

Hi Christina! There’s a Rosemary recipe herein: https://www.edensgarden.com/blogs/news/which-essential-oils-help-memory-focus


May 21, 2021 at 12:14 pm


I’m interested in using Rosemary essential oil as a dry shampoo and for memory. Is there a specific Rosemary blend you recommend?