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Energize your senses and soothe your achy muscles with Edens Garden Spanish Rosemary essential oil, your natural companion for a vibrant lifestyle and holistic wellness. High in camphor, this essential oil is not just a refreshment for the mind but a balm for the body, aiding in relieving those persistent muscle aches that arise from life's constant hustle. Its unique floral yet herbaceous aroma carries the legacy of ancient civilizations and their wisdom, offering a modern-day solution to sharpen focus and invigorate your mental agility.

Harvested from the lush, seaside terrains of the Mediterranean, the Spanish Rosemary shrub reaches toward the sun, infusing each leaf with the ocean's spray and the richness of the earth. Through careful steam distillation, we capture the essence of these leaves, bringing forth an oil that's as pure as the breeze on the Mediterranean coast. At Edens Garden, we value the integrity of our oils as much as you value the wellness they bring. That's why our Spanish Rosemary oil promises unmatched quality, affordability, and the commitment to sustainability you've come to expect.

Incorporating Spanish Rosemary oil into your daily regimen is a breeze. Add a few drops to your shampoo for a stimulating scalp treatment or blend it with a carrier oil for a massage that not only eases sore muscles but also leaves you feeling recharged. For a quick mental pick-me-up, diffuse Spanish Rosemary in your home or office and let its energizing scent transform your space into a sanctuary of clarity and vigor. Take the leap into natural wellness with Edens Garden Spanish Rosemary essential oil—your everyday ally for a balanced and enriched journey through life.

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Botanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Chemotype: Camphor

Origin: Spain

Method: Steam Distilled

Plant Part: Leaves

Note: Middle - Top

Blends Well With: Myrrh, and other resins; Geranium, and other florals

Aroma: Herbaceous, camphorous, and slightly floral

Consistency: Thin

Color: Clear

Safety & Shelf life

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use internally unless instructed by a licensed aromatherapist or physician.

Do not use if you have a seizure disorder.

Adult Max Dilution: 16.5%

Shelf Life: 2-3 Years

Pet Safety: Essential oils are generally safe to diffuse around adult cats and dogs intermittently. Ensure the room you’re diffusing in is well-ventilated and that your pet can leave if desired. Discontinue use if you notice any adverse reaction. Avoid topical use and diffusing around young pets, small animals or pets with health problems.
Frequently Asked Questions
What to use Spanish Rosemary essential oil for?
  • Rosemary essential oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) is one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy because of its many therapeutic benefits. Diffused, it supports the respiratory system, assists memory and cognitive function, reduces mental fatigue and encourages focus. Diluted and applied topically, Rosemary boosts circulation and promotes skin nourishment. Its anti-inflammatory properties also makes it a welcome addition to topical preparations for joints and pain. What’s more, its warm, herbaceous and slightly floral aroma makes it a great addition to essential oil blends.
Can Spanish Rosemary essential oil regrow hair?
  • Rosemary Spanish is a wonderful addition to hair care for its ability to boost the appearance of fuller, thicker hair. It helps balance oily scalp, reduces scalp irritation and boosts hair nourishment. A few beneficial ways to use Rosemary for hair include 1.) Add 12 drops Rosemary per ounce of unscented shampoo. Wash hair thoroughly and be sure to massage the shampoo into your scalp before rinsing. 2.) Make a pre-wash hair oil serum with 6 drops Rosemary Spanish, 3 drops Peppermint, 3 drops Lavender and 1 ounce Argan oil. Massage the oil into your scalp and wait at least 30 minutes before washing it out. 3.) Add Rosemary essential oil to our DIY hair scrub recipe.
How to apply Spanish Rosemary essential oil on face?
  • There are a few ways to use Rosemary essential oil to enjoy its full benefits effectively, including 1.) Dilute it to 1% by combining 6 drops of Rosemary and 1 oz of carrier oil or unscented lotion. Apply it topically as a skin-nourishing moisturizer. Alternatively, use this blend as a facial order by applying it to the face and neck as the last part in your skincare routine. 2.) Create an on-the-go roll-on by adding 6 drops Rosemary in a 10 ml roll-on, then top off with carrier oil. Apply to pulse points such as the neck and wrists.
Is Spanish Rosemary essential oil safe for babies?
  • Like most people you love, you may be prone to give babies the very best of everything — essential oils included. But due to their heightened sensitivities, we suggest using essential oils of all brands infrequently (if at all) on children younger than two years old. The consequences of misusing essential oils with children and babies, unfortunately, range from severe to dire. It’s also important to note that diluted oils, let alone essential oils in their pure forms can be overwhelming for babies, as their metabolisms are underdeveloped. If you do choose to use essential oils with your baby, check with your child’s pediatrician before use.
Can I ingest Spanish Rosemary essential oil?
  • Essential oils are powerful, concentrated substances so a little goes a long way. Two of the most effective ways to use them is by way of inhalation and topical use. Ingesting Rosemary essential oil is rarely necessary or recommended, no matter the brand. Ingestion can lead to adverse reactions such as medication contraindications, mucous membrane irritation, sensitization and nausea if done incorrectly. Therefore, if you wish to take essential oils internally, we strongly recommend consulting with a knowledgeable professional with experience in internal use.
Comments from GC/MS report:The analysis of this Rosemary Spanish ct. Camphor batch sample meets the expected chemical profile for authentic essential oil of Rosemarinus officinalis. No contamination or adulteration was detected. The results provided in this GCMS quality analysis reflect the chemical composition of the oil and lot referenced above on the date of analysis.

How to Use

Apply Topically: Our Single Essential Oils and Synergy Blends are 100% pure and undiluted. To apply to the skin, dilute with a high-quality Carrier Oil. See our dilution chart here. We recommend performing a skin patch test when using a new essential oil topically.

Diffuse & Inhale: Breathe in your favorite essential oils using an essential oil diffuser or personal pocket inhaler. For instructions on how to use your diffuser, please refer to the diffuser's product page.

DIYs: Explore simple and fun recipes on The Drop, our essential oil blog with expert tips, EO news, and informative reads.

LINIMENT: Add to a 2 ounce squeeze bottle: 5 drops of Rosemary (Spanish), 5 drops of Helichrysum, 2 drops of Peppermint and 8 drops of Copaiba, then fill with Jojoba oil and shake. Apply a small amount of this mixture to sore muscles and massage into the skin. (1.7% dilution)

SHAMPOO: Add to 1 tablespoon of your shampoo: 1 drop of Rosemary (Spanish) and 2 drops of Tea Tree. Massage well into the scalp; rinse well before using conditioner.

BATH SALTS: Combine: 3 drops of Rosemary (Spanish), 3 drops of Eucalyptus and 1 drop of Peppermint with 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil and 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Stir together and add to a full bath to relax tight muscles.

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