AAA: Can Essential Oils Be Used For Anger Management?

by Bella Martinez January 29, 2020

AAA: Can Essential Oils Be Used For Anger Management?

You’re driving to work and somebody cuts you off. Do you A.) Grunt and quickly forget about it or B.) Angrily move into the next lane, speed around them, and cut  them off to see how they like it? If you chose option B, there’s a one-hundred-percent chance you’re alive. But in all seriousness, there are many people who cannot forget or forgive an incident such as this one. Anger is healthy and normal, but there comes a point when all that negative emotion can escalate to an unhealthy level. In which case, anger management is a great option to help calm anger issues. Why is an aromatherapist telling you this, you might ask? Turns out essential oils are a great tool to help put a lid on anger and hostility.

One common symptom of dementia is aggression. Based on a 2005 study, researchers found that hand massages with Lavender essential oil alleviated dementia patients’ aggression. A similar study from 2018 found that aromatherapy intervention decreased aggression in dementia patients as well. Furthermore, Lavender reduced anxiety and aggression in a study on mice. When blended with Bergamot oil and Petitgrain oil, Lavender can also diminish and reduce hostility in pregnant women.

While the above studies primarily focused on the use of linalool-rich essential oils, it begs the question: could other essential oils share similar benefits? It’s widely acknowledged that a vast range of essential oils has the ability to positively influence mood and provide a calming effect. Anecdotal evidence suggests that oils such as Rose Oil,  Vetiver OilYlang Ylang Oil, Jasmine Oil, and citrus oils (such as  Sweet Orange Essential Oil) can also help to diminish anger. Before you find yourself feeling stress or anger, try creating a personal pocket inhaler with some of the aforementioned oils, or create the following essential oil blend:

Cool Down

  • 4 drops  Bergamot  Essential Oil
  • 4 drops  Coriander Seed Oil
  • 4 drop  Clary Sage  Essential Oil
  • 2 drop  Neroli  Essential Oil

Methods to use essential oils for anger management:

  • Essential oil diffuser: If you have a mist diffuser at home, try adding a drop or two of your favorite diffuser blend into the mix to spread the scent in the air.
  • Massage: Using essential oils as a massage oil is perfect for relieving headaches and clearing your mind. Massage a small amount to your temples and aching spots to release those knots and migraines. Mindfully, always make sure to use a carrier oil to dilute if you plan on using pure essential oils on your skin to avoid irritation and harm. Also, try avoiding sun exposure if you’re using citrus essential oils such as Orange oil, Lemon oil, or Bergamot oil as it can cause your skin to become sensitive.
  • Inhalation: This form of aromatherapy is simple and therapeutic. Open the cap of your essential oil and take a deep breath while wafting the scent with your hands. Do this a few times to maximize the effectiveness.

Essential oils may be an easy and enjoyable way to help cope with anger, but they’re not always the answer to completely snuffing outbursts.  Anger management  often starts with a deeper understanding of why you get angry, a recognition of your triggers and giving those triggers a positive outlet. For this reason, along with using essential oils, anger management counseling is recommended. 

Anger requires healing and forgiveness, you should see how healing essential oils can help a person with anger problems.



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