AAA: Can Essential Oils Help Remove Beach Tar?

by Bella Martinez July 24, 2019

AAA: Can Essential Oils Help Remove Beach Tar?

The sun is shining, the weather’s perfect and there isn’t a cloud in sight. So, like most beach locals, you pack up your family and head to where the sand meets the sea. Your day is spent having fun. As the sun begins to set, you pack up your beach belongings and start heading back to the car when you notice a gummy feeling on the bottom of your bare feet. You look down to find your suspicion confirmed: a sticky reminder of a day well-spent at the beach.

Frequent beachgoers are all-too-familiar with tar, otherwise known as weathered petroleum. This substance is produced by oil spills and natural oil seeps in the ocean floor. With the ability to travel for miles, tar can be found on beaches across the world, especially in areas near an oil spill or petroleum reservoir. Though occasional physical contact with tar is not hazardous to human health, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association recommends avoiding tar, if possible.

So what do you do when tar is stuck on you? As San Clemente beach-goers ourselves, we at EG have a few natural methods to get out of this sticky situation. One of our favorite techniques involves citrus oils, which act as organic solvents (as proven by many styrofoam tests). In fact, most citrus oils are rich with d-limonene, which has been dubbed “the original green solvent.” What this means is oils like Lemon, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Yuzu and others have what it takes to easily remove tar, and other sticky substances, naturally.

Perhaps you, like many, have tried almost every tar-removing method, like washing with soap and water, which resulted in remaining tar for days. Or using oil, which may have actually worked. We’ve found that using a carrier oil like Jojoba works better than soap and water. These oils are able to soften tough, stuck-on tar by seeping in between tar and skin, allowing for easy removal. Thus, using a carrier oil with natural essential oil solvents works doubly to dilute while helping to remove tar. Don’t believe it? We don’t blame you! Tar isn’t easily removed, but we have a blend that will make you a believer. Try it for yourself and say goodbye to tar for good.

Tar-rific Tar Remover

6 drops  Lemon 

4 drops  Sweet Orange

4 drops  Grapefruit

4 drops Yuzu

1 oz  Jojoba 

Combine your oils in an empty 30 ml stock bottle. Apply a copious amount of the blend to the tarred area and let sit for 20 minutes. Use a scrubber or bristled brush to gently scrub away tar. Alternatively, use an old credit card to scrape away tar. Once the tar has been removed, use soap and water to scrub the area clean. For children 2+, this blend can be reduced to 3 drops Lemon, 1 drop Sweet Orange, 1 drop Grapefruit and 1 drop Yuzu in 1 oz of Jojoba.

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