AAA: Can Essential Oils Control Restless Leg Syndrome?

by Bella Martinez March 20, 2019

Restless Leg Syndrome

At the end of the day, most people just want a good night’s sleep. But if you suffer from a sleep disorder such as restless leg syndrome (RLS), rest can be hard to come by. RLS is a discomfort in the legs, often described as a burning, jittering or tingling sensation. Sufferers of restless leg find relief in moving their legs, which can lead to a lack of sleep.

If you’re looking to stop RLS symptoms, you’re not alone. In fact, 50-70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders with RLS being one of the most common causes of sleeplessness. It’s no wonder that we so often are asked for help kicking restless leg. Fortunately, there may be natural ways to halt RLS before a lack of sleep takes its harmful course.

So what causes RLS, and can essential oils help? The exact cause of restless leg syndrome can be elusive but is most often related to iron deficiencies and out-of-balance dopamine production. Currently one of the most popular combatants against RLS is a dopamine treatment, although researchers expect that these treatments may work temporarily and lead to a worsening of the condition over time. It thus makes sense that so many are turning to natural alternatives. Limited studies and anecdotal evidence point to some essential oils having the ability to diminish urges associated with restless leg.

With this in mind, it would make sense that the most practical oils to help assist RLS are those with antispasmodic and sedative properties, as they may help curb spasms and prevent the body and mind from overacting. Examples of these oils include Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Patchouli and Sweet Marjoram. Often found in blends for sleep aid and soothing different forms of tension, these oils may also extend beyond halting RLS by allowing you to achieve a much-needed sleep and induce relaxation. But should essential oils be your first line of defense?

If you suffer from restless leg syndrome and are looking for a cure without consulting a medical professional, stop. RLS can be accompanied by renal failure, iron deficiency and nerve and spine damage. It can also lead to further problems such as insomnia, depression, daytime fatigue, to name only a few. Furthermore, there are a limited amount of studies on aromatherapy’s effects on those with restless leg syndrome. It may be safe to assume that this is due to doctors oftentimes not knowing the exact cause of this condition. That said, we hope for further and more extensive studies in this area of aromatherapy. Please check with your doctor before using essential oils to help restless leg syndrome.  

Sleepy Legs

This comforting blend was created by Edens Garden aromatherapists to soothe jittering legs and thoughts, helping you to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

35 drops Lavender

25 drops Roman Chamomile

15 drops Clary Sage

15 drops Sweet Marjoram

10 drops Patchouli

Add this blend to a 5 ml stock bottle. Dilute to 3% and massage onto legs before bed. For added relief, diffuse this blend for 30 minutes before bed as well. Alternatively, combine 6 drops of Sleepy Legs with 1 oz of carrier oil and ⅓ cup of Epsom salt. Add to a warm bath, and soak your legs before bedtime.   

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