AAA: Which Essential Oils Help Improve My Emotional Wellness?

by Bella Martinez April 15, 2020

AAA: Which Essential Oils Help Improve My Emotional Wellness?

Emotional wellness is something we take seriously here at EG. When you’re feeling like your mood is in a funk, recognizing the issue is the first step. From there, you can take steps to remedy your disposition. We all have our go-to’s: a long run; a family outing; a little bit of music. But have you ever considered aromatherapy? If you’re here on our blog, chances are you have. But if you haven’t, or just need a quick refresh on some of our favorites for brightening moods, we’re here to help with this quick guide. With the onset of recent events, this list may be especially handy.

Camphor: This essential oil has a long history with physicians and therapists, inspiring tranquility and stillness of the mind. Camphor is often the primary ingredient in many cold & cough salves and vapor rubs. For anyone that has ever called upon these remedies, you know the mental clarity they can bring to the mind on aroma alone.

Bergamot Mint: With an inspiring, refreshing aroma, Bergamot Mint can’t help but brighten your mood. Even better, it’s active properties help to promote pleasant feelings and inspire a gentle mood when things get stressful. When times get stressful and living gets hectic, reach for this stellar EO.

Cajeput: This is an EO that reminds us to take a breath because not everything needs to be done right this minute. While it’s like Camphor in that it’s called upon in many salves, Cajeput distinguishes itself in helping to fend off drowsiness. Additionally, this menthol-forward aroma has been known to ease the effects of seasonal maladies, making it ideal for spring allergies.

Roman Chamomile: There’s a bevy of reasons to incorporate Roman Chamomile into your life, but its mentally relaxing, calming properties are very high on our list. Slightly fruity and noticeably sweet, this EO is amazing based on aroma alone. Luckily it’s properties come through in spades. When you sense your mind being trapped in the throes of woe, call upon Roman-Chamomile to free it.

Cardamom: Soothing and uplifting in aroma and beneficial properties, Cardamom checks all the boxes of an emotionally-stabilizing essential oil. Therapists have prescribed this to their patients for years, citing its invigorating benefits. In the workplace — a potential stressor for us all — Cardamom can increase efficiency and relieve nervousness, therefore improving your mood. Sign us up!

Blood Orange: Blood Orange is a complex citrus-forward essential oil and, like all citrusy aromas, can really brighten your mood. It exhilarates the senses and, in turn, encourages a more positive disposition. Think of it as summer in a bottle.

Basil: With a long history of reducing fear, anger and other less-than-positive thoughts, Basil isn’t just tied to pizza. This essential oil is known to boost mood and clarity, so take it to the office in a personal inhaler. When indecision, mental fatigue and lack of confidence shadow your thoughts, Basil is there to save the day.

Angelica Root: Think of Angelica as your life coach, the Root of supportive and empowering change. Expressing an aroma that can be described as “green-herbal-spicy,” it will raise your senses from the lower rungs it might be occupying during the darker months of the year. During the Middle Ages, it was known to shield the user from negative thoughts. So, it’s possible that ol’ Charlamagne himself reached for some Angelica Root when he was feeling a little less than a ray of sunshine.

Whether you’re using a Diamond Diffuser or Personal Inhaler, these EOs will put you on a good foot and have you marching forward towards better days. What essential oils do you lean on for emotional wellness? Let us know in the comments below!

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