An Essential Oil Guide To Holistic Relaxation

by Danielle De Guzman March 06, 2018

An Essential Oil Guide To Holistic Relaxation

Whether it’s a traffic jam, an impending bill, or a disheartening news report, we all experience stress in our daily lives. When those cortisone hormones kick in, your body goes into overdrive and evokes the stress response.

You know the one: pounding heart, tense muscles, and increased breathing rate. While this helped us in the not-so-recent-past against, say, animal attacks, it now contributes to multiple emotional and physical ailments. Fortunately for us, our bodies are also capable of evoking a relaxation response.

Coupled with some simple relaxation and coping techniques in your daily life, essential oils can help reduce the impact of the stress response and promote a healthier response to these not-so-life-threatening stressors. Besides our eponymous Relaxation synergy blend, here are some other essential oils packed with soothing properties to get you started on your journey to a more relaxed you.  

  1. Lavender body oil: Add a tablespoon of Lavender Body Oil into your bath, light some candles, and feel the worry wash away. Focus on the rich and sweet-herbaceous aroma and allow feelings of balance to be restored.
  2. Bergamot essential oil: You may recognize the aroma of this oil from that hot cup of Earl Grey tea cupped between your hands on a cool morning. Thanks to the prevalence of limonene, this essential oil is perfect for promoting relaxation. When life feels messy, Bergamot may help relieve scattered thoughts while promoting focus and clarity. Try adding Bergamot to a room spray as depicted in our De-Stress Mist DIY.
  3. Align synergy blend: A warm medley of Frankincense, Spruce, Rosewood and Blue Tansy, our Align synergy blend is perfect for reminding you to take a deep breath and feel your feet on the ground. Diffuse Align while practicing meditation to activate your body’s relaxation response.
  4. Patchouli essential oil roll-on: Packed with uplifting properties, Patchouli helps alleviate the weight of the day and improves the mood. Not only does this essential oil get better with age, but it is also packed with regenerative properties. Try the Patchouli roll-on to restore skin while calming the mind.
  5. Muhuhu essential oil: Also known as African Sandalwood, Muhuhu possesses an enticing woody smokiness reminiscent of leather or outdoor camping. This relaxing oil can calm nerves and potentially reduce the stress response. Try diffusing it on its own at home, or add a drop of Magnolia for every two drops of Muhuhu.   

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