Can Essential Oils Help Reduce the Symptoms of a Fever?

by Charity Dykstra February 17, 2020

Can Essential Oils Help Reduce the Symptoms of a Fever?

We may be inching towards an early spring (thanks, Punxatawnie Phil!), but we’re not out of the woods of cold and flu season yet. In fact, germs are a year-round issue, so keeping your guard up is always a good idea. While we all wish to stave off illness, it’s impossible to outmaneuver the dark cloud of illness forever. We don’t have to tell you that of all the cold and flu symptoms, a fever is maybe the most frustrating. First you’re hot, then you’re cold and hot all over again.

So, the million-dollar question is: Can essential oils help reduce the symptoms of a fever? The quick answer is yes, but let’s take a deeper dive as to how  they do.

What You Need

Take, for instance,  Cinnamon. We’ve covered this superhero of an EO before, but it continues to astonish us. Cinnamon contains several types of natural antibiotics, working against bacteria and, therefore, helping to reduce feverish symptoms.

Another EO that helps wallop a full-blown fever is  Ginger. By diluting this EO and incorporating it into a massage, it can help reduce inflammation, something that a fever can trigger or worsen. Speaking of anti-inflammatory properties,  Tea Tree is something you can lean on. While fighting off infection, this bacteria-fighting EO soothes skin inflammation while helping to reduce other feverish symptoms. In fact, a nice Ginger or Tea Tree massage could help reduce inflammation and lull you to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, which is another key component to healing your body, there’s Lavender. While it’s well known that Lavender improves sleep, it can also calm the nervous system. Every time we think Lavender can’t get any better, it does!

If you’re looking for a few aromatherapy options that are specially formulated for better health, you’ve come to the right place. Along with its warming aroma,  Guardian is blended to stave off unwanted germs in the first place. For those that find themselves in the discomfort of a fever and the vise grip of a headache,  Head Ease can work wonders. It’s minty, earthy aroma and pain-relieving properties work in tandem to give you a clear head. As if a fever weren’t enough unwanted company, it can sometimes bring along unwanted symptoms like tummy aches. If you can relate, reach for Digest Ease. Calming and cleansing, a few pre-diluted drops of this synergy blend applied to your belly can put you on the road to recovery.

How To Use

Whether you’re using these EOs as a preventative measure or to quell the uprising of a fever, the methods are the same. In almost all cases, it comes down to preference. As we mentioned before, adding these oils to a soothing rubdown is a great way to enjoy the benefits of an EO. However, if you’d prefer a more aromatic experience, there’s always diffusing. Add a few drops of Cinnamon, Ginger or the like to something like our Terrazzo Diffuser, or carry the aromatherapy goodness on the go with a Personal Pocket Inhaler.

Remember that while EOs can aid in fever reduction, they do not cure them. You should be choosing an oil safe for kids 2+. If you're battling a fever, we recommend you seek out a medical professional before using essential oils.

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