De-Clutter Your Mind With Essential Oils

by Bella Martinez May 17, 2017

De-Clutter Your Mind With Essential Oils

Taxes, bills, work and to-dos may be constantly clouding your head these days. Unnecessary contemplations can equal to three marathons. You want to let go of your tendency to hold onto these thoughts and things, but you just can’t seem to. If this sounds like you, it’s time to give your brain a break by decluttering your mind. Here are some easy ways to stop worrying about tomorrow and start enjoying the present.


Relax, quiet your mind and be alone with your thoughts. Set some time aside to meditate on what’s important and let go of what’s not. Sometimes it’s helpful to imagine yourself letting go of individual situations and things. Diffuse  Meditation to quiet busy thoughts and deepen relaxation.  


Figure out what’s essential and make a point of doing it. If you have an upcoming project deadline, make that project a priority, get it done and then simply forget about it. Allow the fact that you won’t have to worry about a task once it’s done motivate you. Inhale  Joy in a personal inhaler throughout the day to put a pep in your step as you take on tasks.

Work It Off

Exercising releases endorphins while getting you in shape, which is a win-win for both mind and body. The release of endorphins leads to positive thoughts, less stress, improvement in mood and better sleep. As you jog, bike or do yoga, be sure to shed unnecessary thoughts as you lose calories. After your workout, unwind with a relaxing aroma like  Stress Relief.


Sleep is the only time in which your mind truly takes a break. One of the best tactics for decluttering your mind is to get a good night’s sleep. However, if lying in bed leads to hours of thought churning, usher in sleep using one of our sleep with  Good Night or  Sleep Ease.

Let It Go

The best thing to do with unnecessary thoughts and worries is to let them go. Whether that’s through meditation, therapy, yoga or singing, the sooner you free your mind of unwanted thoughts the better, as there is evidence that negative thinking can affect your health. The bottom line is that worrying won’t benefit you, so why be anxious? EG recommends diffusing  Hope as you let go of negativity and hold onto what matters.


Why not try our essential oils for healing? Declutter your mind with the help of natural blended oils from Edens Garden.

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