Diffuser Blend: Lime Sublime DIY

by Bella Martinez May 30, 2017

Diffuser Blend: Lime Sublime DIY

If summer had a fragrance, it would be citrus. Bright, fresh, vibrant, sunny notes that tantalize the senses and refresh the spirit. As summer draws near and the days get warmer, diffusing citrus favorites is a must. That’s why at EG, we formulated an easy-to-make citrus blend that will bring the sun and wipe away the rain. Without further ado, EG presents Lime Sublime.

Add To A 5 ml Stock Bottle:

35 drops Key Lime

35 drops Lime

30 drops Yuzu

25 drops Grapefruit

Nothing to it. Add a few drops to your essential oil diffuser or Terrazzo Diffuser. Alternatively, try other citrus favorites like Citrus Cream or Simply Citrus.

Grab The Essentials Here:

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