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DIY All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner With Essential Oils

DIY All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner With Essential Oils

Winter has come and gone and with it went our messy households. That’s right. Spring cleaning is underway for many of us at EG. And this year, we have a secret weapon: The DIY All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner.

Developed to combine the grease-fighting, germ-ridding, immune-supportive benefits of Grapefruit, Key Lime and Lemon oils with simple, natural cleaning ingredients, this cleaner is your ticket to a home that sparkles and shines – naturally, of course. Not to mention, the uplifting aroma of this cleaner will put a smile on your face that’s hard to erase. 

This All-Purpose Citrus Cleaner contains six ingredients. You read that correctly – just six! And three of those ingredients are essential oils. You can also replace Grapefruit, Key Lime and Lemon with essential oils of your choosing, like our Cleaning, Purify or Citrus Cream blends. But we recommend trying this cleaner’s custom, citrusy-clean blend before deciding. Trust us, it’s worth diffusing on its own. 

What You Need

3.5 oz Distilled water

2 oz Grain alcohol (190 proof)

2 oz White vinegar

10 ml Grapefruit

5 ml Key Lime

5 ml Lemon

8 oz PET plastic (or) glass spray bottle

How To

Combine grain alcohol and essential oils by stirring vigorously. Add to spray bottle, along with water and vinegar. Shake well to combine. Spray onto EO-safe counters and surfaces and wipe away grime with a clean sponge or rag. 

Note: We recommend testing on an inconspicuous area before spraying liberally to ensure this formula is safe for surfaces in your home. Vinegar is generally not recommended to be used on marble, quartz, granite and wood. 

Grab The Essentials Here:

Key Lime Essential Oil from $ 5.95
Key Lime Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential Oil from $ 6.95
Grapefruit Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil from $ 6.95
Lemon Essential Oil


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6 Responses

Edens Garden

April 07, 2020

Hi Tatiana! Yes! You can also adjust the amount of EO you use based on your own preference.


April 07, 2020

Hello. Just to clarify. Am I to empty the entire contents of each essential oil bottle into this recipe?

Edens Garden

April 02, 2020

Hi Aubrey! Vinegar generally isn’t recommended to be used on these surfaces. You may want to replace vinegar with water for this recipe. We’ve added a disclaimer to this blog to reflect this.


April 02, 2020

Is this safe for marble showers and quartz countertops?

Edens Garden

March 26, 2020

Hi Anna! This equals to about 400 drops for a 8.8% dilution rate. You can use less essential oil if desired and you can also scale down this recipe.


March 26, 2020

For the WHAT YOU NEED list it states 10ml Grapefruit, 5ml Key Lime and 5 ml Lemon, is that correct? How many drops?