DIY: Essential Oil and Honey Hair Repair Mask

by Danielle De Guzman September 26, 2016

Diy: Essential Oil and Honey Hair Repair Mask

Split ends got you down? Avoid another trip to the salon by whipping up this quick and easy hair mask at home! Our specially formulated combination of oils and natural ingredients will fuse your damaged strands together and bring a natural shine to your hair. With ingredients like frizz-reducing Avocado oil, moisturizing egg and Coconut oil, and restorative honey, your hair is sure to be restored back to its natural, beautiful state.

DIY Essential Oil and Honey Hair Repair Mask

Combine for beautiful hair

1 Egg Yolk

1 tbsp. Coconut Carrier Oil

1 tbsp. Avocado Carrier Oil

1 tbsp. Honey

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

4 drops Rosemary Spanish Essential Oil 

2 drops Clary Sage or Tea Tree Essential Oil

How To

Apply a good amount to the middle and ends of your hair, but steer clear of the roots to avoid unwanted grease. Wrap hair in a bun, towel, or shower cap and wait 25 minutes before washing it out. Make sure to rinse well, and with any regular shampoo. Double the luxury by giving yourself a pedicure or sipping on a warm cup of tea will you wait!

Grab The Essentials Here:

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