Explore The Globe With Lavender & Frankincense Around The World Oils

by Bella Martinez May 20, 2020

Explore The Globe With Lavender & Frankincense Around The World Oils

Explore the globe with Lavender and Frankincense Around The World oils! As with all of our Around The World oils, Lavender and Frankincense each contain oils harvested across the globe, producing a complex aromatic and highly therapeutic synergy. 


In today’s exploration, we’re taking you across Europe and Asia where Lavender harvests are at their very best. From French gardens and exotic Indian farmlands, all the way to the lofty Greek hills overlooking the Mediterranean, Lavender Around The World oil is a melding of all of the wonderful aromas and nuances of Lavender. And once you’ve been enraptured with its unique aroma, Lavender’s magnified benefits will surprise and entice you. Use Lavender Around The World oil to restore emotions back to equilibrium, soothe bug bites and burns, nourish skin, ease inflammation, and heal bumps or bruises. Combine Lavender Around The World oil with Neroli, Rose and Patchouli to create a luxurious all-purpose skincare blend that bonuses as a signature aroma. 


Next, we travel to India and around Africa, where cultures, people, languages, and wildlife are as rich and vibrant as Frankincense Around The World oil. An aromatic steeped in history, Frankincense is best grown, harvested, and distilled in countries it is native to by people who have been expertly producing it for generations. And that’s exactly what each bottle of Frankincense Around The World oil contains – centuries of expertise in Frankincense. This oil is strong, resinous and earthy with dapplings of each of the different Frankincense botanicals it contains, like citrusy Boswellia frereana, terpenic Boswellia serrata, and balsamic Boswellia rivae. It also comes packed with hefty therapeutic properties, such as being skin healing, soothing to pain and inflammation, grounding, meditative, respiratory supportive and protective against environmental factors. 

Combine Lavender essential oil and Frankincense Around The World oils to create a blend that does it all. 

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