Introducing Magnolia Essential Oil + DIY

by Jenna Jones June 12, 2017

Introducing Magnolia Essential Oil + Diy

Flowers brighten any room, and EG’s Magnolia essential oil is no different. The Magnolia flower has been used for centuries as an ancient remedy to an array of ailments.

Its sweet, bubbly, champagne-like aroma is used as a floral, feminine component in high-end perfumes. Diffusing this delightful oil makes life feel all the sweeter. Aside from uplifting the spirit, Magnolia is touted for its ability to support the respiratory system, nourish the skin and relieve PMS symptoms.

Dilute and add to a roll-on for a fragrant perfume, or add to your body cream for its myriad of properties that benefit the skin. What’s more, Magnolia essential oil is as sumptuous and floral as Jasmine or Rose, at only a fraction of the price.

DIY Girls Night Perfume 

Confidence is beautiful and this blend is sure to bestow charm. Apply to pulse points on your way out on the town with your girls. 

3 drops Magnolia

5 drops Yuzu

7 drops Clary Sage

1 oz Fenugreek carrier oil

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