Introducing Saro Essential Oil + DIY

by Bella Martinez June 16, 2017

Introducing Saro Essential Oil

There’s nothing like fresh air. Inhaling fresh air is soothing, balancing and essential to one’s wellness. That is what Saro essential oil brings to mind, with its refreshing, clean aroma and high 1,8 cineole content.

Much like Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, this oil’s ability to support respiratory circulation, act as an expectorant and calm coughs are just a few things we love about this oil. Saro can also be used to comfort soreness and inflammation. Common and effective ways you might use Saro essential oil are to clear the air, uplift, use as an expectorant for a cough, prevent the spread of germs, soothe soreness and support inflammation.

DIY Energizing Saro Spray

Everyone could use a little boost throughout the day. Whether you’re on the job, hitting the books or tackling everyday life, allow the aroma of Saro to give you the energy you need to give it your all.

2 oz. Distilled water

1 oz. Grain alcohol

15 drops Saro

10 drops Clementine

5 drops Cypress

Glass spray bottle 

Combine Saro, Clementine and Cypress with 1 oz. grain alcohol and let sit for 20 minutes before adding distilled water in a 3 oz. glass spray bottle. Spritz onto clothes and enjoy the freshened air.

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