Introducing Unscented Hand Sanitizer Spray!

by Jenna Jones May 07, 2020

Introducing Unscented Hand Sanitizer Spray!

We hope to add a little brightness to your day by announcing the launch of our Unscented Hand Sanitizer Spray! In these uncertain times, we have worked tirelessly to help support our community and find new ways to impact the day-to-day lives of those in need. 

As a massive hand sanitizer shortage hit worldwide, we at Edens Garden realized we could help our larger community in a very practical way by using our resources to offer a hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of common germs. 

To help give you peace of mind, our hand sanitizer is in compliance with all FDA standards and requirements. We have also taken the extra step to register, list, and approve the product with the FDA. Its 80% alcohol content makes it incredibly effective at disinfecting hands to safeguard your entire family.  

In order to meet compliance standards and registration timeline requirements, we chose not to include our essential oils in the hand sanitizer at this time. Rest assured, we are working on and testing an essential oil version of our hand sanitizer but the approval process will take time. 

The CDC recommends using soap and water whenever possible to wash your hands. To use our Hand Sanitizer, spray it directly onto your hands, and rub thoroughly. If you’re looking for an essential oil to diffuse while you disinfect your hands, try Fighting Five, Guardian, Immunity, or Healthy Hero

Our EG community means so much to us and we are here to do our part. We encourage you to find moments of calm and spread seeds of goodness whenever possible! To learn more about our Hand Sanitizer please visit the product page and listed FAQs. 

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