Invest in Your Health: Try Our Good Health Essential Oil Blend

by Annie Mascia August 07, 2023

Invest in Your Health: Try Our Good Health Essential Oil Blend

As a complementary medicine, essential oils' popularity has grown into the mainstream in the quest for improved health.[1] By health, we speak of the body as a whole that includes not only our physical being but dives deeper to approach homeostasis in our mental, emotional and spiritual lives. Being fully healthy allows for a functional approach to life and lets us put our best foot forward so that we can be our best selves regardless of the circumstances of life. 

To help achieve authentic personal harmony, sometimes we must recognize bad habits and change them. In the physical sense, this means caring for your body now to be healthy in the future. Emotionally, we should strive to understand and respect our own feelings as well as appreciate the feelings of others and spiritually, it's finding a purpose, meaning and value in life. 

Essential oils as integrative medicine have the potential to help us reach these harmonies with their positive healing properties and healthful benefits that include reducing stress and anxiety, uplifting mood, increasing alertness, lessening inflammation and pain, boosting the immune system and attaining a spiritual balance.[2,3]

What Essential Oils Promote Good Health And Improve Health?

Whether defending yourself against microbes or relieving pain or even enhancing a meditation practice, there are numerous essential oils that you can turn to including lemon oil, resin oils such as frankincense, spicy oils such as Clove and Ginger and herbals such as Laurel Leaf. Below is a highlight of the essential oils that work in symbiosis on many levels to improve health in a multitude of ways with Edens Garden Good Health essential oil blend.

What Are The Potential Wellness Benefits Of Using Good Health Essential Oil Blend?

  • Frankincense- Serrata: with a slightly more citric aroma than other chemotypes of Frankincense, it comes with many of the same body-balancing health benefits. Used in meditation and yoga practices to heighten the spiritual connection, it offers exceptional grounding and balancing qualities. Plus, it's no surprise to understand that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, can help to heal wounds and has known antimicrobial activity.[4]
  • Clove- Bud is a spicy and hot oil known for its pungent ability to purify the air and surfaces of germs as an antimicrobial and antiseptic. Because of its warmth, it is recommended to use sparingly at low dilutions to avoid skin irritations, especially with topical treatments.[5]
  • Laurel Leaf: aka Bay Laurel, has an herbal strength with a twinge of spiciness with potential as a mental stimulant, antiseptic, astringent and hypoglycaemic. Some of its compounds are noted for their antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal activity. The component 1,8 cineole, is known for improving respiratory function by opening the breath. Energetically and emotionally, its stimulating properties gift courage and quell fear plus help to clear stagnant energy and improve focus.[6,7,8]
  • Bergamot: Inhaling the aroma of the citrus oil Bergamot with emotional therapeutic benefits that can inspire positivity and uplift mood. Offering anxiety and stress relief is one of its key attributes. It has the potential ability to calm muscle spasms, reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress which leads to wellness through a heightened and active immune system. Against microbes, it is both antibacterial and antifungal.[9,10,11]
  • Lemon: It’s hard not to love the clean and bright, sunny aroma of Lemon oil. Like Bergamot and other citrus oils, it is used to lift mood and reduce stress. As an astringent, it is beneficial for the skin (altho phototoxic), anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and noted for exceptional strengths in cleaning supplies. Its use will purify the air and give a boost to the immune system.[12] 
  • Ginger: well known for its traditional use to calm nausea and upset stomach, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant helping with pain in muscles and joints. But it also assists when sick with colds to improve respiratory health. Emotionally, it invites energy and hinders fatigue, fostering motivation and stimulating courage and confidence.[13]

How Can Good Health Essential Oil Blend Support General Well-being And Overall Health?

Inhalation of essential oils has a direct impact on the Limbic system of the brain which houses important hormone centers such as the amygdala, hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The amygdala, in particular, is the seat of our emotions. In a review of essential oil studies, Bergamot showed promise with changes in temperament and mood for anxiety-induced tachycardia, depression and sleep disorders - all with fewer side effects to the body compared to traditional medication that treats mental disorders.[14]

In fact, after inhalation from diffusing essential oils, essential oil compounds were found to metabolize quickly through the blood and with low toxicity to users.[14] Therefore, inhaling essential oils whether from an essential oil diffuser, steam inhalation, or through a personal EO inhaler offers immediate release of stress and anxiety to better health. 

The Importance of Small Steps Towards Wellness

Why is it essential to take small steps toward maintaining year-round wellness?

Wellness is a fluctuating process that may take a long time to sculpt. That sculpting process includes changing behaviors to benefit health. Small steps are important in the process of self-care and too many changes at once may be a recipe for failure. So, instead of jumping headfirst and changing too much at once, start with one change at a time until that change becomes habitual and rooted in your life.

Think about the barrage of daily emails which can make the pace of keeping up with daily life enough of a stressor. So maybe that first change is deciding to read emails only at certain times of the day. Or perhaps it is removing one thing from your diet or turning off devices and picking up a book instead an hour before bedtime to optimize sleep. Whatever it is, it may take a few weeks to reset the body and mind. The biggest challenge to these small steps is setting the mind to make the decision to change something.

The best place to start is to analyze your daily routine, figure out what bothers you most, and then understand what pattern or routine in your life might be easiest to change. For example, if you want to start exercising, perhaps you begin the day by walking with a friend for a set amount of time or a turn around the neighborhood. Or perhaps it’s taking something out of your diet or starting a daily meditation practice. Whatever it is, the most important thing is to acknowledge that while certain changes may be very difficult at first, they are a gift of unconditional love for the future you.

How can incorporating Good Health Essential Oil Blend into daily routines contribute to a healthier lifestyle?

For those who have a lot on daily to-do lists, essential oils used in various ways can help create a peaceful environment, offer focus and settle our busy minds to create an environment of homeostasis. Inhaling essential oils can help us cope with a hectic environment and reduce a constant stream of stress hormones which can cause inflammation, disrupt sleep and lead to weariness and a weakened immune system. One of the main objectives of whole-body wellness is creating a spiritually peaceful and functioning environment. 

Good Health is an aromatherapy blend formulated to provide the ability to be patient with yourself and others and give the wherewithal and balance to deal with life as it comes rather than getting wound up with worry before something has happened. Reduced stress and improved health = a happier you. 

Are there any additional wellness tips or practices that complement the use of the blend?

One fabulous way to make use of essential oils is to set aside some time for self-care. Using Good Health’s easy-to-carry roll-on bottle can make each and every day a delightful adventure. Stowed in a purse or a pocket, its versatility is preferable for ease of use any time of the day, while at work, or before a yoga or meditation practice. If you decide to have acupuncture or massage therapy treatments once or twice a month to reduce stress or for pain relief, we suggest making a DIY massage oil blend you can bring to the therapist to use.

If choosing the aromatherapy massage route, make an aromatherapy massage oil blend with Fractionated Coconut oil or Jojoba carrier oil for topical use. You can also consider massaging your partner to spark up relations - massaging each other is one of the perfect ways to reignite intimacy. We recommend that you always perform a skin patch test when using new essential oil blends to rule out sensitivity or an allergic reaction.

Jojoba oil is one of the best massage carrier oils since it doesn’t stain clothing or sheets, never goes rancid and is ultra-moisturizing, matching our skin's sebum. Simply blend 15-18 drops of Good Health essential oil blend directly into the one-ounce Jojoba oil bottle. Shake and use a pump or two of the oil as needed.

Customer Experiences And Testimonials

Good Health is one of the newly formulated blends with therapeutic benefits that Edens Garden carries. Some customers received the oil as a sampler during its promotion and off the bat, it is being touted for its ability to calm and relax. One customer, in particular, was “shocked by how much of an impact it had” on her, adding that it has become her favorite Edens Garden blend. 

Another customer uses a drop of the blend on a cotton ball and places it next to her workspace at home so she can smell it steadily. She described Good Health blend as “warm and inviting” and that it carries an “unexplained freshness.” 


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