Resource of the Month | Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

by Bella Martinez April 16, 2024

Resource of the Month | Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

In the world of aromatherapy, few names hold the weight and respect of Sylla Sheppard-Hanger. Here at Edens Garden Essential Oils, we've had the privilege of collaborating with Sylla on our popular OK For Kids line, but her contributions to the field extend far beyond that.

A Legacy of Knowledge

With decades of aromatherapy experience behind her, Sylla has published books, researched the use of essential oils on children with autism,[1] and began the United Aromatherapy Effort, an organization dedicated to donating aromatherapy products to those affected by tragic events such as 9/11. Sylla’s knowledge and expertise in the aromatherapy field expands far beyond this, which is why we want to let you know about the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy (AIA).

The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

Seeing a need for essential oil education and training, Sylla established the AIA[2] which has since become the oldest continuously operating aromatherapy school and a globally recognized institution. The AIA offers a trusted platform for individuals seeking to become certified aromatherapists. Beyond professional training, they cater to both enthusiasts and practitioners with a comprehensive library of resources:

Injury Reporting and Education

Safety is paramount when working with essential oils. The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy prioritizes this by providing an injury reporting system. Here, users can contribute their experiences (both positive and negative) to create a valuable resource for the entire community.

Essential Oil Books and Resources

Delve into the fascinating world of essential oils with the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy’s curated selection of educational materials. From in-depth texts on essential oil chemistry to practical aromatherapy reference manuals, you'll find everything you need to deepen your understanding. Consider AIA's resources as a trusted starting point, just like Edens Garden does!

Free Resources at Your Fingertips

The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy believes in the power of free knowledge. Their website offers a treasure trove of free educational YouTube videos. Explore detailed essential oil profiles, or gain valuable insights from Sylla's paper on aromatherapy and radiation treatments.

A Wellspring of Insights 

Looking for engaging and informative content  Look no further than the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy blog. Find interviews with industry leaders like Dr. Robert Pappas, delve into essential oil quality assessment tips, or explore their top 10 essential oil injury list to stay safe and informed.

Workshops for Every Learner

The Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy also offers a variety of online workshops to broaden your aromatherapy knowledge base from the comfort of your home. By exploring the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, you unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, AIA has the resources to empower you on your aromatherapy journey.


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