Ocean Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

by Danielle De Guzman January 11, 2019

Ocean Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

For those who have been fortunate enough to experience the sea, you may remember its distinct aroma. Crisp and bracing with briny notes of seaweed and plankton, the smell of the ocean is entirely unique. Replicating its scent is difficult to do with essential oils, and a true ocean aroma is admittedly less palatable for a home scent.

So arrives the commonly known “ocean breeze’ fragrance found in many commercial sprays, candles, and soaps. Well-rounded with a spa-like character, this beloved scent incorporates hints of citrus and camphor with subtle florals and notes of wood and earth. Here at Edens Garden, we took the liberty of crafting a diffuser blend recipe using our 100% pure essential oils and synergy blends to capture that very same aroma without the use of fragrance oils.  

California Coast Diffuser Blend

4 drops Immunity

2 drops Tobacco Patchouli

2 drops Greek Lavender

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