OK For Kids Turns Four!

by Grace Martin August 03, 2020

OK For Kids Turns Four!

Kids grow up so fast, and our collection of essential oils for kids is no exception. Our beloved collection has just turned four years old, and yet, it feels as though they only arrived yesterday. Though OK For Kids is relatively new, it has already reached many milestones in the essential oil community, and we couldn’t be more proud. From delivering safe-and-effective results to both children and adults, to wowing users with their sophisticated-yet-kid-friendly aromas, there’s a reason OK For Kids has become an integral part of households around the world.

To celebrate OK For Kids’ fourth birthday, we want to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about how these blends have benefited you — our EG family. To do so, we’ve compiled reviews customers have shared about their favorite OK For Kids blends. Read on to hear what people are saying.

Aches & Pains

Earaches are uncomfortable and difficult to soothe. Luckily for Casey’s daughter, earache relief wasn’t far off with Aches & Pains. In fact, it was “the only thing” that helped ease the pain. And for that, Aches & Pains gets a gold star. 

Bee Happy

What makes you smile? For Holli’s son, it’s Bee Happy. When asked if it makes him happy, he responded, “oh yes, yes it sure does!” We can relate to how Bee Happy makes him feel!

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Difficulty breathing when sick is the worst, and, unfortunately, Shayleen’s daughter is no stranger to this feeling. That is, until Breathe In, Breathe Out came into their lives. When illness runs rampant, Shayleen adds Breathe In, Breathe Out to the diffuser around bedtime and puts a drop on her daughter’s teddy bear. What a great way to use this blend with your little ones, if you ask us! 

Calm ‘Em Down

Jillian’s son’s sleeping problems became her own problem as she found herself waking up each night to help him fall back asleep. Skeptical yet willing to try anything, she turned to Calm ‘Em Down. Much to her delight, her son soon started sleeping through the night. Now she’s “got 99 problems but sleep ain’t one!”

Focus, Focus, Focus

Like many of us, Challey saw great improvement in her daughter’s listening skills, direction-following and ability to complete tasks with Focus, Focus, Focus. Now her daughter reminds her each morning, “Don't forget my focus potion.” Which reminds us, we need to apply some today.

Germ Ease

Is it time for your kids to go on a "disinfecting adventure”? What’s a disinfecting adventure you ask? It’s an activity Catherine created for her son, where she makes a spray with Germ Ease and has him go around the house, spraying door knobs to keep germs at bay. We love this idea!


You know how in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Toula’s family’s cure-all is Windex? Well, Head-A-Sore-Us is Jennifer’s version of Windex. She uses it for just about everything (except cleaning windows). From soothing anxiety, enhancing relaxation, promoting sleep and, of course, comforting headaches and migraines, it’s no wonder this is her favorite blend. 

Healthy Hero

With so many soaring reviews, we gave up on choosing just one evaluation of Healthy Hero. This just might be our best-rated OK For Kids blend. See for yourself and check out the review section.

Ouch Ease

Bug bites, scrapes, bruises, razor burns, boo boos. They happen, and when they do, Remie and her family pull out Ouch Ease, because they know that comfort and peace of mind are an Ouch Ease away.

Pollen Buster

In two separate reviews, both Leah and Lisa shared their skepticism that Pollen Buster could actually combat their allergy symptoms. But both claim that, in five minutes, their allergies were mitigated. We love it when multiple people have similar, positive experiences with our blends!

Shoo Fly

It’s good to be loved, just not by mosquitoes. Unfortunately for Gil, she found herself the object of mosquitoes’ affection each time she left the house. Then one day she picked up Shoo Fly, sending mosquitoes out the door. A breakup we can all appreciate.

Sleepy Head

We love a good success story, and that’s exactly what we would call Shannon’s review of Sleepy Head. Both of her sons have autism, and one has ADHD. Her sons also have trouble sleeping, but after 10-15 minutes of diffusing Sleepy Head, her sons fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. We’re thrilled to be able to share this blend with Shannon and her now well-rested sons. 

Sniffles & Sneezes

Since OK For Kids’ inception, people have been falling in love with Sniffles & Sneezes on first whiff. Including Camille, who “cracked this puppy open and was instantly comforted by the scent.” Her and her family also found that sore throats and coughs were no match for Sniffles & Sneezes in the diffuser. The blend’s Christmas tree-like aroma was an added bonus for Camille (and us).

Soothe & Smooth

VE’s a big fan of the array of skincare benefits Soothe & Smooth offers, and adds it to her lotions and serums. And after going through two 10 ml bottles of Soothe & Smooth, she opted for the larger 30 ml bottle and is considering buying a 4 oz next time. All we’re saying is, you know it’s a great blend when you have to get a larger size each time you buy. 

Sound Asleep

To the person who’s on their 6th bottle of Sound Asleep, that’s a lot of Sound Asleep. We’re looking at you Kimberly and family. But in all honesty, we’ve each gone through double that amount here at EGHQ. This blend is that good in the sleep department.

Study Buddy

Two reviewers, Lindsay and Amanda, have experienced the benefits of Study Buddy when used in homeschooling their children. They each love the aroma, and the way their children focus upon diffusing this centering blend. Likewise, find your center and focus with Study Buddy.

Tummy Aid

We’ve found that a lot of adults are skeptical that our OK For Kids blends will work for them. Take Lynda for example, who bought Tummy Aid for her children. After waking up in the middle of the night with a belly ache, she applied Tummy Aid and was amazed at how quickly it worked. 

She now believes that this blend is not only for kids but adults too. We couldn’t agree more.

Up & At ‘Em

One blend that consistently receives accolades due to its exceptional aroma is Up & At ‘Em. To Faith, this blend is heavenly and helps her wake up (a great feat for someone who’s not a morning person). She also says it increases her productivity. In other words, Up & At ‘Em is a great day in a bottle.

What are some of your favorite memories of our OK For Kids blends? Let us know in the comments section below!

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