Our Favorite Essential Oil Blends To Create Vacay Vibes

by Bella Martinez June 16, 2020

Our Favorite Essential Oil Blends To Create Vacay Vibes

Summer is approaching while the uncertainty of whether or not we’ll be able to travel continues. But even if we can’t vacation away from our homes, we all still need a break. Our solution? Have a staycation and include essential oil blends to create the ultimate vacay vibes. Whether your ideal holiday is relaxing, exciting or involves tropical fun, these blends are sure to whisk you away to your dream vacay.

Cabana Time

6 drops Key Lime

6 drops Yuzu

3 drop Jasmine

Beach Date

4 drops Immunity blend

2 drops Tobacco Patchouli blend

2 drops Lavender Around The World Oil

Lemonade Stand

4 drop Rose

4 drop Vanilla

4 drop Lemon

Sea You Soon

5 drops Yuzu

4 drops Sandalwood Around The World Oil

3 drops Blood Orange

And in case you want the vacay vibes without making your own blend, let these synergies be your guide.


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