Our Favorite Multi-Mask

by Bella Martinez May 15, 2018

Our Favorite Multi-Mask

Has your skin been lackluster lately? Is your complexion dull and dreary? Maybe you’ve tried a face mask recently and assumed it was the answer to your skin woes, but your skin was left looking drab. It could be that the face mask you used wasn’t suited for your skin type. In which case, it’s time to pick a mask that helps your skin rather than harms it.

Enter the multi-mask: a face mask where the base is nourishing for all skin types, but is activated by carefully picked ingredients known to boost your unique skin type. The addition of Rosehip adds a skin softening, natural remedy for scars and fine lines. A blend developed with all skin types in mind, Soothe & Smooth is one of our favorite skin-loving blends at EG with oils of Seabuckthorn, Marigold, and Evening Primrose amongst other things. These ingredients combined with kaolin clay and corn starch will rejuvenate your skin.


1 Tbsp Kaolin clay

1 Tbsp non-GMO corn starch

4 tsp Rosehip

4 drops Soothe & Smooth

Dry Skin Activation

1 oz Milk

1 tsp Shea butter (melted)

Oily Skin Activation

1 oz Water

1 tsp Cocoa powder

Blemished Skin Activation

1 oz Warmed milk (may need to add more to achieve a pasty consistency)

1 Tbsp Cooked oatmeal

How to

Combine ingredients to make the base. For dry, oily and blemished skin, add the activating ingredients directly to the base and mix until it forms a paste-like consistency. You may need to add more liquid to achieve this consistency. To apply, use clean hands or a face mask brush and let the mask set for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Note: Recipe is good for one use once activated. 

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