Our Favorite Synergy Blends To Make You Feel Happier!

by Bella Martinez September 26, 2018

Our Favorite Synergy Blends To Make You Feel Happier!

Most people are searching for happiness, and some days are better than others. When life gets you down or you need a boost, you may find that joy is just a whiff a way with the aroma of uplifting essential oils. If you’re looking to add a little extra happiness to your life, these EG synergy blends are sure to put a smile on your face.

Bliss: Spicy, tantalizing, enticing, Bliss is pure happiness in a bottle. With a stunning cinnamon-like body and sparkling notes of citrus, diffusing Bliss may cause sudden bouts of happy dancing and singing of your favorite throwbacks.

Citrus Cream: Think orange creamsicles on a summer day, sunsets on the beach, nights on the town with good friends. That’s Citrus Cream for you. In fact, if the song “Walking On Sunshine” had an aroma, this would be it. It’s no wonder citrus is the most universally enjoyed aroma.

Good Morning: With Good Morning synergy blend, you may find that every moment of your day is easy like Sunday morning. Bright and smooth, Good Morning’s aroma is reminiscent to getting woken up to breakfast in bed. And with slightly cooler notes of Peppermint and Rosemary, Good morning is truly breath of fresh air.

Joy: That’s right. We formulated a blend so enjoyable, so smile-inducing, so lovely, we named it Joy. With bright pops of citrus, rich heart notes of floral Lavender and Jasmine, and bubbly sparks of Damiana and Litsea, Joy is a little piece of heaven.

Uplift: Once you experience the witty combination that is Uplift, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gotten your hands on this blend sooner. Vibrant, cheerful, illustrious, Uplift speaks for itself. Pop Uplift in the diffuser, and let the smiling commence.

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