Scented Bubble Blower DIY

by Bella Martinez August 08, 2017

Scented Bubble Blower DIY

Summer break comes and goes, so don’t let your child’s time be consumed in front of the TV. Make memories, have fun and unplug. This doesn’t have to mean a trip to Disneyland or another country; memories can be made in your own backyard. Need some ideas on what to do? Try this DIY bubble blower for some good, clean fun and add essential oils like Bee Happy to make the experience that much better.

What You Need

Dish soap

Rubber band

Wash cloth

Empty water bottle


Bee Happy

How To

Cut off the bottom off of an empty water bottle. Put a washcloth over the opening to cover the bottom and use a rubber band to secure the cloth onto the bottle.

In a bowl combine a few drops of Bee Happy with scentless dish soap and let sit for an hour. Mix with water until the mixture is sudsy. Dip the bottle, washcloth side down, into the mixture. To make bubbles, blow into the bottle through the spout, and watch as the bubbles stream out. Enjoy!

Note: Instruct your child to not inhale through the bottle. Do not let child drink mixture.


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