Essential Oils to Help Your Kids Focus Through the Last Stretch of the School Year

by Charity Dykstra May 20, 2019

Essential Oils to Help Your Kids Focus Through the Last Stretch of the School Year

With the school year winding down, your children are probably looking forward to summer break — and getting distracted in the process. No one could blame them. Sunshine, longer days and vacations are certainly things to get excited about. But what if you could keep your little student focused to finish out the year on a high note? Indeed you can, and it’s with the power of essential oils for kids.

The list of wonderful essential oils and synergy blends goes on and on, so to save you some time (it is crunch time, after all) we rounded up a batch of school-ready, study-friendly options. We’re confident that all students — kindergarten through college — will find something to love during the final stretch of class. Whether your student is hitting the books or hitting the hay, these picks will help them maintain focus in one way or another.

Study Buddy: It may be an obvious choice, but when it comes to scholastic rigor, Study Buddy sits at the head of the class. This synergy blend puts wandering thoughts in timeout and promotes the focus needed to get the work done.

Up & At ‘Em: Keep the student in your life energized and ready to take on the day with Up & At ‘Em. This synergy blend is for the child that has a hard time getting up. It’s never fun leaving your warm sheets, but Up & At ‘Em makes it a little easier. With the end of school approaching fast, keeping them in tip-top mental form is essential.

Bee Happy: When homework goes from super-intensive math problems to creative projects, Bee Happy is your student’s best friend. This synergy blend is specially formulated to spark imaginative thinking and encourage a positive outlook.

Calm ‘Em Down: On occasion, homework can be stressful. When that occurs, look to Calm ‘Em Down to soothe worrisome thoughts. This synergy blend’s aroma might bring to mind perfect sunny days, which serves as a great reminder that summer is almost here.

Focus, Focus, Focus: With a title like “Essential Oils to Help Your Kids Focus…” you were probably waiting for Focus, Focus, Focus to show up. Not being ones to disappoint our readers, we decided to spotlight this synergy blend for its ability to lasso your child’s mind and get it back to the task at hand — be it math homework, creative writing or book-club reading.

Healthy Hero: When you’re home, it’s relatively easy to control the germs your little student comes in contact with. Once they enter the classroom, though, all bets are off. The fact is that their classmates can spread germs, even if they don’t mean to. And germs lead to sickness which leads to missed days from school. But Healthy Hero can change that. This synergy blend fights off germs when you’re not there to fight them off yourself. Say goodbye to sick days with Healthy Hero.

Sound Asleep: A day of focus begins with a good night’s sleep. This synergy blend is perfectly formulated to give your little ones the rest they not only need but deserve. Fully rested and focused, there’s nothing your student can’t accomplish.

Head-A-Sore-Us: Nothing disrupts concentration like a throbbing head. Chase away any headaches that might creep up during study time with help from Head-A-Sore-Us. This synergy blend’s soothing aroma and properties are sure to make your child’s headache extinct.

We hope you enjoy this EO cheat sheet. Class dismissed!

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