Spring Blends for People Who Don't Like Florals

by Bella Martinez April 04, 2019

Spring blends for people who don't like forals

Spring is here! Songbirds are singing and the sun is beginning to peak out as floral aromas fill the air. It’s such a wonderful time of year...that is, unless you’re not a fan of florals. Sure, you may enjoy the sight of flowers in bloom, and you’ve certainly had your fill of winter weather, but once that signature spring aroma hits, you experience headache rather than relaxation.

If you happen to be one of many who would rather pass on bouquet-like aromas, read on to discover blends that are reminiscent of the parts of springtime that smell flower-less.

Aroma Fresh: Fresh, earthy, vibrant. Aroma Fresh is like the first day of spring, and a great blend to diffuse to harness the motivation for spring cleaning.

Citrus Cream: With all the sweetness of florals (without the florals), Citrus Cream’s aroma has often been likened to an orange creamsicle. Creamy, citrusy and candy-like, this blend will certainly start your spring off on a top note.

Energy Boost: If your sleep routine hasn’t been the same since springing forward, then Energy Boost may be just the blend for you. Citrus-fresh with spicy notes peppered in, this blend is altogether lovely.

Purify: Need a restart? Purify will refresh any space with oxygenating aromas of Grapefruit and Eucalyptus. Diffuse Purify to dispel stagnant air and odors left behind by stuffy, wet winters.

Simply Citrus: Crisp, light and airy, Simply Citrus will simply delight its audience. This blend can stir up positivity while bolstering your immune system.  

Sunshine Spice: Just like snow melting away to reveal green grass and colorful flora, Sunshine Spice’s aroma is warm and welcoming. A happy mindset is a sniff away with this tantalizing blend.

Yuzu Cannabliss: With a kaleidoscope of citrus notes, Yuzu Cannabliss’ joyful aroma resembles the end of winter. Bright, calming, earthy and sparkling, this blend is your next spring fling.

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