Tamanu Oil: Everything You Need To Know

by Bella Martinez November 05, 2019

Tamanu Oil: Everything You Need To Know

When you think of carrier oils, what are the first ones to come to mind? Cucumber Seed? Maybe Avocado? Probably Fractionated Coconut Oil? While those are all incredible go-to’s, Tamanu is the lesser-known carrier oil that you’ll want to start reaching for. Don’t stress if you’re not thoroughly acquainted with this carrier oil because we’re diving right into the facts. Also, don’t stress anyway, since that’s the exact opposite of what aromatherapy should be doing. Okay, here we go!

The Basics

Let’s start at the top! Tamanu is a cold-pressed, unrefined carrier oil that’s brown in color and thick in consistency. Its viscous nature may not be something you’re used to, but don’t be intimidated because it is also less greasy than most other oils. Aromatically, you can count on Tamanu for a strong woody and maple aroma. You might be wondering if Tamanu poses any health issues. The answer is a resounding “No,” so use Tamanu freely and with confidence.


Like many carrier oils, Tamanu is a lifeline for your skin. Along with being an emollient, Tamanu easily absorbs and nourishes your skin. Additionally, its phytonutrient profile (which is to say its beneficial, healthful properties) makes it great for soothing skin. Believe it or not, Tamanu has been known to aid in the healing of minor burns, such as those acquired when touching a pot or pan fresh out a hot oven.

Quick Tips

We’re sure that the more you use Tamanu, the more you’ll find new ways to use it. However, here are a few easy ways to immediately incorporate this carrier oil into your day-to-day wellness regimen:

  1. Add a few drops of Tamanu to your bathwater for a skin-nourishing soak
  2. Create a soothing balm using the following:
  1. And remember, Tamanu becomes solid at lower temperatures, so be sure to warm your bottle of Tamanu in a bowl of warm water prior to use.

Are you a long-time user of Tamanu carrier oil? Let us know how you use it in the comments below! 

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