The Best Essential Oils For Swelling

by Bella Martinez January 08, 2019

Essential Oils For Swelling

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils have long been documented, and one of the ways EOs have been shown to better our lives daily is by reducing swelling.

Inflammation or swelling occurs when we get injured, cut ourselves, get stung by a bee, or when we experience chronic health issues such as arthritis and autoimmune diseases. The key to mitigating any issue is understanding the root of the problem.

So what’s actually happening to your body when you experience swelling? Inflammation happens when the immune system perceives a threat, such as foreign substances, bacteria or injury to tissues. White blood cells are then released to the localized area, causing swelling. This type of inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself and can be helpful. However, chronic inflammation happens when the body consistently produces white blood cells, and this can be harmful.

How do you reduce swelling and inflammation? A few ways include reducing the pollutants you’re exposed to in your day-to-day, changing your diet, and our favorite here at EG, using anti-inflammatory essential oils. To start you off with a holistic approach to reducing acute and chronic swelling, here are some of our EO picks.

Anti-Inflammatory Essential Oils

Spruce: High in powerful anti-inflammatory constituents of bornyl acetate and alpha pinene, Spruce is at the top of our list when it comes to swelling. Mix up a few drops of Spruce and carrier oil and apply to areas of inflammation.

Neroli: One of the more valuable oils on the market, Neroli is cherished for its fragrant aroma, delicate nature, and therapeutic benefits. Neroli is worth its weight in gold, having shown remarkable anti-inflammatory characteristics that makes it one of our favorite oils for reducing swelling.

Plai: A member of the Ginger family, Plai has been found to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its constituents, sabinene and terpinen-4-ol. This exotic oil is becoming more known for its deep, comforting abilities.

Lemon: When life gives you lemons, make a blend to reduce pain and swelling. Fresh, vibrant and full of life, Lemon oil is not only anti-inflammatory but also incredibly uplifting.

Hemp: Two major constituents found in our Hemp essential oil, β-myrcene and β-caryophyllene, both contribute to Hemp’s anti-inflammatory benefits. This renowned healing oil is currently one of our favorites for bringing down inflammation and comforting pain.

A Swell Blend

Why use just one of the above oils when you can blend them all? This healing blend can be applied topically to help reduce pain and swelling. Add to a 5 ml stock bottle.

30 drops Spruce

23 drops Lemon

22 drops Plai

13 drops Hemp

12 drops Neroli

It’s recommended you use an anti-inflammatory carrier oil to dilute, such as Camellia Seed, Jojoba, Pomegranate Seed or Sesame.

To help you choose a dilution rate, read our article on how to dilute.

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