The Best Roll-Ons for Headaches

by Jenna Jones April 25, 2019

The Best Roll-Ons for Headaches

We all know the feeling of an oncoming headache. It comes on slow like a slumbering bear emerging from its den. Unlike a bear, headaches aren’t at all cute and furry. Quite the opposite, really. While what triggers a headache can be different for everyone, the effects of one are nothing short of annoying, frustrating and, most of all, painful.

So, what’s the remedy for a splitting headache? Everyone’s got their own cure. Maybe you reach for a tall glass of lukewarm water, or perhaps you sink into a cozy couch with the lights off. However you self-medicate to banish the throb in your brain, essential oils can lend a helping hand. Better yet, our roll-ons are ready to use and take the guesswork out of dilution. These roll-on blends are specially formulated using 100% pure essential oils and aim to soothe the symptoms of headaches. We take you through a few of the go-to roll-ons that we reach for when that bear of a headache begins to lumber.

Head Ease: A headache can pack a wallop, but Head Ease (and its minty and earthy aroma) can stop it in its tracks. This synergy blend is an all-natural way to soothe throbbing pain. Apply this roll-on to your temples and forehead to relax muscles and ease the pain of headaches.

Be Still: This roll-on has a fitting name since it’s likely that all you want when a headache forms is to be still. This blend offers an aroma that’s a little floral, a little musky and a little sweet, creating a pleasant mix that’s not overpowering. With Be Still at the ready, you can smooth the edges of a headache before it has a chance to come to a sharp point.

Head-A-Sore-Us: While this roll-on is part of our OK For Kids line, it’s more than ready for a battle royale with your adult-size (or dino-size) headache. When the initial throb of a headache makes itself known, apply this synergy blend to the back of your neck or temples. True to its name, Head-A-Sore-Us lets out a proverbial roar, scaring away the discomfort of headaches.

Tranquility: A throbbing headache is the exact opposite of your happy place, but Tranquility works to get you back to better times with its warm and floral notes. Apply this roll-on to your head and neck to be whisked away from Headache Town to the peaceful garden of Tranquility.

Circu-Touch: Getting rid of a headache can feel like playing Whack-A-Mole. You’re never sure if what you’re doing is helping or only making the dull throb worse. Luckily, Circu-Touch is the perfect roll-on for telling headaches to buzz off. Its minty-clean aroma cuts through the noise of a headache and eases you into a relaxing state.

Exhale: This synergy blend allows you to take a deep breath to banish headaches. By clearing airways, this synergy blend allows you to breathe deeper and release stress. Minty and citrusy, Exhale’s aroma is pleasant and serves headaches a notice of eviction.

Sound Asleep: When a headache descends, sometimes the best defense is sleep. With Sound Asleep nearby, a restful slumber is not far behind. Apply this roll-on to your temples, neck and other pulse points to be pleasantly lulled to Slumberland.

Stress Relief: Sometimes the root of your headache is stress, and when it is, well, do we have a remedy for you. Stress Relief rolls on easy and offers calming citrus notes. Bring the fight to ferocious headaches before finding some peace with Stress Relief

Worry Less: When worry and stress spark a pounding headache, let Worry Less help out. Sweet and minty, this roll-on’s aroma can encourage confidence while escorting your headache to the nearest exit.

Shine: All headaches are not equal. Depending on their source and cause, the remedy you use can vary. When the headache you’re battling is fueled by fatigue, think about reaching for Shine. Its floral and sweet aroma energizes your body and reinvigorates your mind.

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