The Ultimate Aroma-Inspired New Year

by Erin Sweeney January 05, 2021

The Ultimate Aroma-Inspired New Year

Start the New Year off with wellness by integrating essential oils into your daily routine. Last year, many of us learned that self-care and rest is an integral part of our wellbeing. Today, we invite you to show yourself some kindness and a little love with an aroma-inspired year. 

Skip The Stress

Each day, wake up refreshed and alert by diffusing our popular Awake & Aware synergy blend. With West Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Chamomile essential oils, the blend energizes without overstimulating.

Endlessly, soothing, Chamomile essential oil helps quiet your mind so you can find focus and clarity. Research shows that Chamomile may be effective against generalized anxiety. If you’re hoping to find more peace of mind this year, try diffusing our Worry Less synergy blend. Its sweet and minty aroma can help relieve stress. 

To quickly create a calming and tranquil environment, spritz our Anxiety Ease room spray around your favorites spaces. Its bright notes of citrus and mellow notes of Lemongrass help usher in positivity. 

Seek Better Skincare

In addition to mental wellness, taking care of your skin will help you feel your very best this year. Age Defy is one of our most popular blends and proves that natural, plant-powered skincare works wonders by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Another favorite, Skin Love, can help calm inflammation and redness while promoting long-term skin health. 

Before applying directly to your skin, be sure to dilute Skin Love or Age Defy with a carrier oil. One of our favorite skin-loving carriers, Safflower oil, quickly absorbs into the skin and is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, its high linoleic acid content promotes skin cell regeneration, creating a stronger barrier between you and the elements. 

Further protect your skin by applying a body oil after you shower or bathe. Rich with Vitamin E, our body oils have an antioxidant effect that can help prevent sun damage and free radicals. One of our newest additions, Muscle Relief, can help release body aches and stiff joints to help you fully relax and recharge.

Most importantly this year, we hope you are giving yourself extra grace and space. Last year wasn’t easy and you should be proud of making it through. Enjoy a year of rejuvenating aroma in 2021. 

*This article has been updated January 2021


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Jean Winum

December 29, 2021 at 12:40 pm

My adult daughter was in a freezer incident at work; her left hand palm was bright red from freezer burn.
I applied your oat oil (it was cool in the refrigerator), a few drops of lavender oil, and the contents of a Vitamin E capsule twice before she went to bed for the night. The pain lessened although it throbbed during night even with Tylenol and ibuprofen. By morning, the redness was greatly reduced. Another treatment was applied in the A.M. She has no residual problems.