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This or That: What's The Difference Between Helichrysum Essential Oils?

This or That: What's the Difference Between Helichrysum Essential Oils?

Helichrysum has been highly esteemed as a superior healing oil for centuries, and many who’ve used this oil can understand why. It’s been likened to liquid gold for its natural medicinal qualities, and because of the yellow daisy-like flowers it produces, making this oil a must-have for anyone’s medicine cabinet. So if you’re not wanting to purchase both Helichrysums at the same time, which of these oils do you pick? Let's look in-depth at the differences and similarities between Helichrysum Italicum and Gymnocephalum.


Its high 1,8 cineole content gives this oil a cool, medicinal quality. Helichrysum gymnocephalum can be used to support the respiratory system, and when paired with Helichrysum italicum, it may soothe symptoms of allergies such as sneezing. Native to Madagascar, this oil has also been used for its benefit as an antiseptic when diluted. Helichrysum gymnocephalum may be a good EO to alternate between Eucalyptus, as it shares a similar aroma and therapeutic properties. 


When the hot summer months start to do a number on your skin, how do you protect yourself? Helichrysum Italicum is best known for its skin nourishing, healing and restorative properties. More specifically, this golden oil has properties which heal soft tissue damage, pain, inflammation, bruising, relieve itching and prevent infection (1). So if you’re looking for an oil for daily skincare, look no further. Italicum is also said to activate the right side of the brain, deepening intuition, and making this oil emotionally balancing. Its aroma is sweet and honey-like and can be overpowering (2). In other words, a little goes a long way when adding this oil to an aromatic blend. Furthermore, according to author and aromatherapist Patricia Davis, Helichrysum Italicum is like “honey for the psyche.” What more is there to say about this timeless oil?

Grab The Essentials Here:

Helichrysum- gymnocephalum Essential Oil from $ 7.95
Helichrysum- gymnocephalum Essential Oil
Helichrysum- italicum Essential Oil from $ 39.95
Helichrysum- italicum Essential Oil


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20 Responses

Edens Garden

July 08, 2019

Hi Ramona! We’re sorry to hear that. We happen to love Helichrysum gymnocephalum for respiratory issues and opening up the airways. Try combining this oil with other 1,8- cineole rich oils or spicy oils like Cinnamons and Clove when your immune system feels down. We offer further recommendations for using Helichrysum gymnocephalum on its product page, under “Applications & Recipes.”


July 08, 2019

HI, I made a mistake and ordered the gymnocephalum. I dislike the order, it’s horrid!!
What are some ways I can use it up?

Edens Garden

March 07, 2019

Hi Mandy! Neither Helichrysum oil we offer helps with nose bleeds, so far as we know. If you could send us the resource from which you’re seeing this information, we’d be happy to review it in order further assist you!


March 07, 2019

Which version helps with nose bleeds?

Edens Garden

July 30, 2018

Hi Natalie! We recommend working with your doctor and an aromatherapist who can provide you with safe guidelines that meet your specific needs.


July 30, 2018

How apply helsychrum italica to e xzema ears or to lower back pain and how much need?

Edens Garden

May 28, 2018

Hi Barbara! Helichrysum italicum is best for varicose veins


May 28, 2018

Which of these Helichrysum oils is better for vericose veins?

Edens Garden

May 07, 2018

Hi Crystal! We can’t answer medical related questions and would recommend working with your doctor and an aromatherapist who can provide you with safe and effective guidelines that meet your individual needs.


May 07, 2018

I read that Helichrysum can help with tinnitus. Which would you suggest?

Edens Garden

April 16, 2018

Hi Deb! For blood clots, we’d recommend asking your doctor. For bruising, Helichyrsum italicum is a great oil. Try pairing with Lavender, Frankincense (any) and Rose.


April 12, 2018

Which of these essential oils would be the best to buy for topical blood clots and bruising??

Edens Garden

March 12, 2018

Hi Helen! Helichrysum italicum is distilled from the flowers and leaves.


March 08, 2018

Is the helichysum italicum essential oil made from just the flowers, or flowers and foliage?

Edens Garden

February 26, 2018

Hi Kristina! Try Helichrysum Italicum in the diffuser, a personal inhaler or applied topically in a roll-on


February 23, 2018

Hi I’ve just read an article that this oil was good for postpartum healing. Which one would be the better option?

Edens Garden

February 13, 2018

Hi Mary! Try Helichrysum italicum


February 13, 2018

I have used Helichrysum for nerve issues in the past. Is either one of your Helichrysum oil useful for this?


Edens Garden

January 08, 2018

Hi Kathy! We don’t recommend the casual ingestion of essential oils


January 06, 2018

Can you ingest one or two drops in a veggie capsule.