Unexpected Times to Use Your Essential Oils

by Erin Sweeney September 13, 2017

Unexpected Times to Use Your Essential Oils

Essential oils have a range of uses for daily life, but when something unexpected comes up, EOs can slip from the top of mind. Although we would never recommend using essential oils as a replacement for medicine or medical treatment, some oils can help you find relaxation and make preparation, discomfort and recovery a little easier.

Lavandin: Before you get dental work done, diffuse our Lavandin essential oil. It can help calm your nerves and ease your stress. Try using our Pocket Inhaler so you can carry the power of aromatherapy with you on the go.

Ginger Essential Oil: Feeling a little queasy after eating a heavy meal? Dilute Ginger (5-6 drops) in a carrier oil, like Argan oil, and gently rub it on your abdomen to find relief.

Bergamot: Although we try to be gracious and kind to our fellow drivers, road rage can strike at any moment while driving. To help alleviate feelings of aggression and promote peace, diffuse Bergamot with our Car Scenter Electric Diffuser.

Vetiver: If you’re running late for an important meeting, Vetiver can help ease your irritation and help you stay calm. Inhale a few diluted drops of Vetiver while you get back on track to promote harmony.

You’d be surprised to know that there are healing essential oils that promote healing and forgiveness.

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