Video: Essential Oil Perfume Roll-On DIY

by Bella Martinez December 21, 2017

Video: Essential Oil Perfume Roll-On Diy

Enjoy the aromatic and therapeutic benefits all day with our Essential Oil Perfume Roll-on DIY. Unlike most conventional perfumes which use toxic fragrances and other chemicals, essential oil perfume is entirely natural. 

Follow our step-by-step video or customize your own aroma. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more life hacks, DIYs and tips. 


Essential Oil Perfume Roll-On DIY

Simply roll this enticing aroma onto your pressure points and captivate everyone around you. 

What You Need 

14 drops Rose Absolute 

6 drops Sandalwood East Indian

3 drops Bergamot

3 drops Jasmine Absolute

2 drops Angelica Root 

1 drop Peru Balsam

1 drop Vanilla Oleoresin Absolute

30 ML Fractionated Coconut Oil

3 empty 10 ml roll-on bottles


How To

1. Add all the essential oils to a bowl. 

2. Pour 30 ML into the same bowl and stir. 

3. Use Pipettes to drop oil into the roll-on bottles. 

4. After filling each bottle, insert roll-on top. 

5. Download labels and print on paper with a sticky back. 

6. Cut out labels and place on the bottles. 

Download Labels Here!

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