What Are the Differences Between Our Essential Oil Diffusers?

by Bella Martinez November 19, 2019

What Are the Differences Between Our Essential Oil Diffusers?

With the release of the Terrazzo, choosing between our array of essential oil diffusers isn’t as easy as it once was. Do you want an ultrasonic or a ceramic diffuser? A diffuser for the car or a diffuser to fill up a large space? Waterless or cordless? To help you choose the right one, we’ve broken down the key elements of each of our diffusers.

Terrazzo Diffuser

Boasting a 130 ml water tank, the Terrazzo is our largest diffuser yet. More water does mean more oil; around 13-18 drops for medium aroma intensity. Recommended for covering larger areas and reducing the frequency you have to refill up your diffuser with water, the Terrazzo Diffuser is a prime choice for big spaces and maximum aroma-throw. And we haven’t even mentioned its beautiful design, which features gorgeous stones speckled throughout the minimal, white ceramic cover.

Diamond Diffuser

Beautiful as it is effective, the Diamond is the diffuser of our interior-design dreams. Available in four different colors (we couldn’t stop at just one), the Diamond is versatile and able to fit into any space. With a 90 ml tank, this diffuser is recommended for small-to-medium spaces, like bedrooms and apartments. With multiple timer settings, the Diamond diffuser allows you to customize your diffusion experience, beyond which oils you add to your diffuser.

Personal Pocket Inhaler

One of our favorite diffusers, the personal pocket inhaler is best for on-the-go use. Sleek and compact, the personal pocket inhaler fits in (you guessed it) your pocket! This diffuser is tiny but mighty in delivering a powerful aromatic punch. So much so that the inhaler is considered an “active” diffuser, best for short-term, infrequent use. The personal pocket inhaler also allows you to enjoy your favorite essential oils without affecting those around you.  

Ceramic Bloom Diffuser

Unlike active diffusers, which have a recommended runtime of 30-60 minutes for adults and 15-30 minutes for little ones, the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser is considered passive. This means that it’s safer to diffuse oils throughout the day because passive diffusers don’t actively output oil. Made of ceramic and wood, the Ceramic Bloom is available in two colors — Taupe and Charcoal. Its natural design and components pair well with the natural oils it effectively diffuses.


Reed Diffuser

A good option for diffusing around little ones and pets due to its moderate aroma output, the Reed diffuser uses natural wood to gently diffuse. Without electricity or cords, the Reed diffuser can be placed throughout the whole house. The Reed diffuser is compatible with all Edens Garden 10 ml bottles, lasting 1-2 weeks, depending on the oil you use.

Aromaride Diffuser

The Aromaride diffuser makes even the most common cars feel like a luxury ride. This electricity-free wonder works by adding essential oil to a cotton wick which is then inserted into the diffuser and clipped onto your car’s air vent. Though this mechanism is simple, the Aromaride delivers your favorite essential oils effectively and with ease. Take the Aromaride with you on your next commute, joy ride or trip to the grocery store and elevate your driving experience.

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Edens Garden

January 25, 2024 at 11:58 am

Hi Wendy! You can put a few drops of oil on a candle, but it will cause the candle to produce a bigger flame which may put surrounding items at risk.

Wendy Kaiser

January 25, 2024 at 10:44 am

We use teeny candles and want to pour a small amount of aromatic oil on the base above the candle. Can you tell me if the consistency of oil for diffusers would work for the candle option?

Edens Garden

December 16, 2021 at 12:34 pm

Hi Aksana! Which diffuser are you inquiring about? Our diffusers are manufactured in different countries.


December 16, 2021 at 12:30 pm

Hello! I would like to know where your diffusers were made in? or country of origin. Thank you!