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Why EO Candles Are Better, With Lavender Magnolia

Why EO Candles Are Better, With Lavender Magnolia

With the arrival of our Essential Oil Candles comes a new era of home aromatherapy. Unlike synthetic candles that use harmful petrochemicals and artificial fragrances, our candles help keep your environment pure and therapeutic.

Commercial candles, whether inexpensive or luxuriously priced, often contain paraffin wax which emit undesirable toxins which can lead toserious health problems, including brain and lung damage. Furthermore, an analysis by the EPA revealed that candle wicks can contain metals, including lead, though lead wicks are currently banned. The EPA’s analysis also showed that this and other factors reveal that candles laden with synthetics can lead to indoor air pollution. With all of this in mind, we at EG created the Essential Oil Candle collection, so that you and your loved ones could feel safe knowing your candle is completely non-toxic, natural and ultimately safe.

Made with 100% pure essential oils and sustainable coconut wax, our candles are non-toxic and clean-burning. Each candle includes a lead-free ribbon wick, which improves optimal throw while keeping the air clear.

When starting your natural candle adventure, what better selection to start with than the Lavender Magnolia Essential Oil Candle! With a luxurious aroma containing refreshing floral notes, this well-balanced coconut wax candle is reminiscent of wildflowers. Allow the empowering sweetness to boost your confidence and relax racing thoughts as you bask in the comforting glow of its gentle flame.


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