Your Essential Oil Guide To Working From Home

by Jenna Jones March 31, 2020

Your Essential Oil Guide To Working From Home

As many of us move from our office settings to at-home workspaces, finding the perfect balance between productivity and well-being is key. Because of their natural therapeutic, stimulating and immune-boosting properties, essential oils can help you tap into fresh energy and focus while also supporting your overall health. 

To help you make the most of your WFH life, we’ve outlined our favorite essential oil tips. Try a few of these methods and find what works best for you. You’ll be buzzing through those work emails and creative projects in no time. 

Diffuser Placement

If you’re using an ultrasonic diffuser, like our Diamond or Terrazzo, the mist will naturally rise so you want to be sure to place it below eye level. Because essential oils diffuse at a radial diameter for most plug-in diffusers, placing your diffuser in the center of the room or home office will help the mist spread evenly. 

Need Focus, Focus, Focus?

In addition to our amazing OK For Kids synergy blend, there are numerous essential oils that will help increase concentration and focus to help you finish your tasks. Diffusing Basil essential oil can help boost mental clarity. In numerous studies, Rosemary essential oil has shown to improve cognitive performance. Peppermint, Lemon and Clary Sage essential oils can also help you block out distractions and keep your mind sharp. For instant results, spritz Focus, Focus, Focus room spray in your work area before you begin your tasks. 

Roll It On 

When you feel yourself getting stressed out or need a burst of energy while working from home, keep a pre-diluted roll-on on or two nearby to apply to your pulse points as needed. For stress or wandering thoughts, try Anxiety Ease or Stress Relief. If you need a lift in mood or productivity, apply Awake & Aware or Bliss. Pro-tip: If your neck or shoulders are feeling stiff from sitting on your computer all day, roll on Peppermint or Muscle Relief.  

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