Your Ultimate Guide To Hand Sanitizer

by Bella Martinez May 08, 2020

Your Ultimate Guide To Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer spray has officially touched down at Edens Garden and we’re over the moon about it! Not only does it effectively kill 99.9% of common germs, but it also happens to be non-toxic and display-worthy with its beautifully packaged design. On its own, this Sanitizer is a notch above the rest. Still, there are ways you can get even more out of your spray. Our ultimate guide to hand sanitizer covers the ins-and-outs of using your spray to the fullest. 

First things first. To sanitize or not to sanitize? Turns out there are scenarios in which washing your hands is actually preferred to using sanitizer. Washing your hands is recommended over sanitizing to clean dirt, grime, pesticides, heavy metals, and just about all germs. Sanitizer is primarily recommended when soap and water are not available and to kill a host of germs. So be sure to bring along your sanitizer when making a grocery run or doing errands and stock your home with natural soaps.

Next, take the time to wash your hands or use your hand sanitizer properly. If washing your hands, scrub the front and back of your hands, interlacing your fingers, scratching your palms to get under the nails, paying special attention to your thumbs and any rings or jewelry you might be wearing, as germs tend to latch onto jewelry. Hand washing should take a minimum of 20 seconds. To use your hand sanitizer, simply give each hand about two sprays each and rub your hands together for 20 seconds, taking time to ensure each hand is evenly covered. 

Once your hands are freshly cleaned, you may notice that they feel dry. This is actually a sign that practicing hand hygiene is working, because the drying effect helps break germs’ outer layer, thus killing them. But still, once the germs are killed, there’s no reason for your hands to remain dry. Using a restorative body oil or carrier oil can help to replenish skin moisture. The goodness doesn’t stop there. Body oils and carrier oils take things a step further by delivering antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids upon topical application, helping skin to look its very best. You can also prevent further skin dryness by refraining from washing your hands and using hand sanitizer back-to-back, as this is unnecessary. And ensure your hands are thoroughly dried before putting on gloves – the friction can cause irritation. 

As lovely and useful as our hand sanitizer is, it has its limitations. One of those limitations is that, like all alcohol-based sanitizers, it only lasts for about a minute or two. This means, once the germs are killed, you can quickly re-contaminate your hands. How can you stay protected? Along with practicing hand hygiene, incorporate an immune supportive essential oil blend for wellness into your routine, such as Fighting Five, Guardian, or Immunity. These blends are best inhaled using an essential oil diffuser or, for on-the-go use, a personal pocket inhaler. And of course, be sure to wear a facial mask when going out in public, gloves when appropriate, and practice safe social distancing. 

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