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5 Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil You Haven’t Heard Of

5 Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil You Haven’t Heard Of

Lemon. Is there anything it can’t do? In fruit form, it’s a delicious accent to a tasty meal. In juice form, it can take your frosty libation from great to truly extraordinary. And then there’sLemon in its essential oil form. For a zesty and fresh aroma, you couldn’t do much better than Lemon. This essential oil has a long history of perking up air and revitalizing moods, but its benefits extend far beyond the borders of what you might think. We take a glance at five little-known benefits of this super essential oil.

  1. Reduces nausea: When your stomach sits sideways, Lemon can help to restore the balance. This is especially true in relation to pregnancy and morning sickness. In astudy conducted with pregnant women in 2014, it was shown that lemon essential oil had a positive effect on those who inhaled Lemon oil. Reach for our Lemon the next time nausea strikes.
  2. Treats skin conditions: Lemon’s antimicrobial properties make it an essential part of your skincare regimen. This essential oil is an astringent, which means it helps to shrink and cleanse pores. As if that weren’t good enough, Lemon helps control the production ofsebum, an oily substance that is secreted by your sebaceous glands that help keep your skin and hair moisturized. In turn, Lemon’s ability to control over/under-production of sebum helps reduce breakouts.
  3. Stress reliever: While its aroma is bright and joy-inducing, the properties of this essential oil may indeed help to alleviate you of stress. This mood-booster’s effects were shown to be even stronger than Lavender’s or a glass of water.
  4. Keeps hair healthy: Ensure your hair remains strong, robust and shiny with Lemon essential oil. By regulating sebum (as previously mentioned), Lemon helps prevent your hair from becoming oily and stringy. The process is simple: add six drops of Lemon per one ounce of shampoo before massaging into your scalp. Or, if you’d like to keep essential oils out of your shampoo, add a few diluted drops of Lemon to a warm glass of water and pour over your hair after rinsing. For more on essential oils and shampoo, check out our deep dive into ithere!
  5. Banishes a variety of bugs: It’s true — you can reach for Lemon to disinfect the surfaces of your home. Kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and shower tiles all find germ relief when Lemon essential oil swoops in. Simply mix Lemon, grain alcohol and water in a spray bottle. When diluted, it can work as a hand sanitizer as well.

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