5 Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

by Charity Dykstra July 30, 2019

5 Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

School’s out for summer and, as a parent, this means a few things: 1. You need to make sure the kids aren’t bored, which means keeping them busy 2. You need to keep the kids from fighting with each other, which means keeping them busy 3. You need to keep the kids out of trouble, which means keeping them busy 4. Bottom line, you need to keep the kids busy. Don’t worry, EG’s got you covered with five ideas for keeping your kids busy this summer. Each activity is kid- (and parent-) approved, so your kids can have a memorable, fun-filled summer.

  1. Life’s Better With Bubbles: Most kids (and adults) enjoy blowing bubbles, popping bubbles, watching bubbles, etc. Our DIY scented bubble blower takes playtime a step further by infusing Bee Happy into the mix, sparking maximum joy. Making your own bubble blower is half the fun, so prepare your kids for fun in the suds.
  2. A Day of Play Dough: Kids and play dough just go hand in hand. Soft, squishy and filled with sensory goodness, play dough allows kids — both big and small — to unleash their creative side and have fun. Rather than sitting them in front of a TV for an hour, add in a relaxing blend like Calm ‘Em Down to keep your kids captivated and entertained.
  3. Slime Time: We didn’t understand why making slime was all the rage in the kid community...until we made it ourselves. Making slime is just as fun as it is to play with, and this sensory activity is cool to the touch and perfect for a hot day. Add in a bit of Focus, Focus, Focus to create “smelly slime.” The kids won’t be able to take their noses off it.
  4. Business of Bracelets: Chances are, if your kids have been to camp this summer, they’re bracelet-making masters. Take their craftsmanship to the next level by creating diffuser bracelets, and drop on some Shoo Fly to keep bugs at bay. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, consider having them sell their bracelets to learn about entrepreneurship. Who knows, making and selling diffuser bracelets might just be the new lemonade stand. 
  5. Essential Oil Guessing Game: Teach your kids about essential oils while training their noses with the essential oil guessing game! Using scent strips, take your kid-friendly, single essential oils, have the kids sniff each aroma and guess the scent as they go. Take the opportunity to teach your kids about why and when you use your oils. You can also use pictures of the plants each oil is derived from, and have your kids match the aroma to the plant. The possibilities are endless with this fun learning experience.

Want even more ideas? Check out our blog, where you can find fun, kid-approved ideas all year round.

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