6 Benefits Of Peppermint Essential Oil That You Haven't Heard Of

by Bella Martinez September 17, 2020

6 Benefits Of Peppermint Essential Oil That You Haven't Heard Of

Peppermint. An herb many of us are familiar with and associate with its cooling, minty aroma and flavor. It also happens to be one of the most popular essential oils for its versatility of uses and renowned therapeutic benefits. 

But, while you may think you know this common garden herb, how familiar are you with these less common, yet highly effective, benefits? 

Let’s go beyond the energizing and respiratory-supportive benefits of Peppermint and get to know this aromatherapy favorite on a deeper level. And while we’re at it, better pop this oil in the diffuser to fully appreciate all of its minty goodness.  

1. Peppermint Supports the Digestive System

In more ways than one, Peppermint is a powerhouse for digestive support. A 2018 review article delineated Peppermint’s ability to:

  • Aid irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

  • Alleviate indigestion

  • Soothe abdominal pain

Among other benefits, this review article also showed Peppermint’s ability to positively affect the gastric, esophageal, small bowel, gallbladder and colonic physiology.[1]

While there are many ways to use Peppermint for its ability to support digestion, we recommend diffusing Peppermint or diluting it to 3% and applying it topically to the abdomen when digestion problems arise.

2.  Peppermint Boosts Exercise Performance

You heard that right. Peppermint may actually help you get more out of your workouts

  • A study performed on 30 male university students revealed that exercise was improved five minutes after administration of Peppermint oil.[2]

  • A similar study performed on 12 male students also revealed an improvement in exercise following Peppermint oil administration.[3]

  • Scientists at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine compared levels of fatigue after subjects inhaled nebulized water, Peppermint essential oil alone and a blend of Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Clove and Rosemary essential oil. After 3 days of experimenting, they found that the essential oil blend and Peppermint oil both helped to decrease fatigue after swimming.[4] 

In other words, break out the Peppermint during your next workout routine. We suggest either diffusing Peppermint during exercise or applying the Peppermint roll-on to the back of your neck before and after your workout. 

3. Peppermint is Antioxidant-Rich 

The more antioxidants, the merrier, and Peppermint oil is full of them. Oxidation in our bodies can lead to a host of harmful occurrences–from damaging cells and causing early aging to contributing to degenerative diseases. In other words, adding more antioxidants to your life doesn’t hurt and you’ll want to pick up Peppermint for this reason.

  • A 2019 study investigated the antioxidant potential of three mint oils, including Peppermint, Native Spearmint and Scotch Spearmint. All three exhibited antioxidant activity, though Peppermint was shown to have the greatest activity.[5]

  • A study that compared the antioxidant potential of Peppermint oil and synthetic antioxidants found that Peppermint was comparable to that of the synthetic antioxidants.[6]

How can you take advantage of the antioxidant potential of essential oils? Diffuse this blend to get your daily dose of free-radical fighters.  

Antioxidant Blend

4. Peppermint Promotes Hair Growth

While there are various ways Peppermint can boost our aesthetic appearance, its ability to promote hair growth is perhaps the most unique and a personal favorite. 

A 2014 study compared a 3% dilution of Peppermint oil with a 3% dilution of minoxidil (of which, Rogaine is a common brand) on hair growth over a 4 week period. The study revealed Peppermint to be more effective than minoxidil in its ability to improve hair growth.[7]

Taking advantage of Peppermint’s hair nourishing abilities is as easy as using this blend, daily.

Combine oils in a 30 ml bottle and massage oil into your clean scalp, daily for four weeks or until desired results have been achieved. Leave on for 20 minutes or longer before washing hair and scalp thoroughly.

5. Peppermint Enhances Cognitive Function

Some days, we could all use a helping hand in getting tasks done. Luckily, Peppermint may offer some assistance in helping you complete school and work tasks. 

  • 140 volunteers were assigned to a Peppermint oil group, Ylang Ylang oil group and a control group. Those that inhaled Peppermint exhibited increased memory and alertness, as opposed to those in the other two groups.[8]  

  • A 2018 study revealed Peppermint’s ability to enhance performance on demanding cognitive tasks and reduce mental fatigue associated with extended tasks in healthy adults.[9] 

  • A review of multiple natural substances, including Peppermint, found that Peppermint enhanced cognitive function associated with sports performance.[10] 

The next time you need to sharpen your brain and stay focused, diffuse this blend for 30- 60 minutes. 

6. Peppermint Reduces Nausea

We take it that no one likes to feel nauseous or sick to their stomach, and rightly so. Whether you’re trying to keep it in at an amusement park, are ailed by sickness or over-imbibed, Peppermint can help settle a queasy stomach.  

  • 80 pregnant women with symptoms of nausea and vomiting volunteered in a double-blind study to investigate Peppermint’s effectiveness at reducing nausea. The study revealed that Peppermint helped to reduce nausea severity.[11]

  • A similar study on pregnant women experiencing nausea in the first trimester found Peppermint helped lower the severity of nausea.[12] 

  • A 2018 study revealed that Peppermint helped to decrease postoperative nausea, lessening the need for antiemetics.[13]

Quell the queasies by keeping this nausea-fighting blend on-hand in a personal pocket inhaler.

  • 7 drops Peppermint

  • 5 drops Ginger

  • 3 drops Lemon

Got Mint?

Can’t get enough Peppermint? Neither can we! Which is why we offer it so many different forms. Try The Peppermint roll-on, Peppermint Around the World oil, Peppermint bar soap, or are absolute favorite–Indian Peppermint essential oil. This new-to-Edens-Garden Peppermint is sweet, candy-like and ultra-minty and cooling. Whatever way you choose to enjoy Peppermint, you can rest assured that you’re getting its multitude of benefits.


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Edens Garden

October 23, 2020 at 9:42 am

Hi Zella! I would start by diffusing Peppermint or diluting it and applying it topically to the abdomen. If this doesn’t work, you may want to look into enteric coated Peppermint oil capsules.

Zella Bunch

October 23, 2020 at 9:35 am

How do you use peppermint essential oil to aid in IBS? I don’t have problems with indigestion, but I do have IBS problems. Is there a formula effective for this?

Edens Garden

September 21, 2020 at 1:44 pm

Hi Alice! Our 5, 10 and 30 ml essential oils come with droppers that allow you measure oils in drops. You can also use a pipette to measure small amounts of liquid https://www.edensgarden.com/collections/extras-supplies/products/pipettes-easy-fill?variant=19226404420

Edens Garden

September 21, 2020 at 1:44 pm

Hi Shari! You can read more about our recipe for hair growth here: https://www.edensgarden.com/blogs/news/aaa-can-essential-oils-promote-hair-growth?pos=1&_sid=f9286ba67&ss=r


September 21, 2020 at 1:35 pm

Nice recipes but where can folks buy the tiny equipment that is needed to mix such tiny amounts, like 3 drops of oil with a partial teaspoon of something else, etc? This might require very small funnels, for example.

Shari Clines

September 21, 2020 at 1:35 pm

Do you have to use the type of carrier oil that you suggest? And if so, why?
For hair loss the recipe says Jojoba and Grapesee carrier oil. What if you just used one or if you already have coconut carrier oil, could you use that?

Melissa Reid

September 21, 2020 at 1:35 pm

Thank you for the read! 😊 I LOVE peppermint ! I wasn’t aware their were so many uses. I diffuse it with lavender and I use it for stomache issues. I have also used a drop mixed in with my toothpaste. Peppermint is also great for respiratory issues if you don’t have eucalyptus which is a favorite in our home this time of year….