6 Super-Easy Holiday-Inspired DIYs

by Bella Martinez October 11, 2019

6 Super-Easy Holiday-Inspired DIYs

You know it’s the holiday season when you find yourself baking, raking leaves, making snow angels, wrapping gifts and, our favorite, making fun DIYs! Inspired by our seasonal essential oils, these 6 super-easy DIYs are our ode to the holidays.


Fall Sugar Scrub

Shed dry, dead skin with the help of a nourishing, fall-scented sugar scrub.

What You Need

1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder 

1 tbsp Liquid Castile Soap 

1 tbsp Jojoba Oil

2 tbsp Walnut Shells

15 oz Sugar

18 drops Sweater Weather Holiday Blend

How To

Combine turmeric powder, walnut shells and sugar. Separately, combine castile soap, Jojoba oil and Sweater Weather. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, mix, then transfer to an airtight container. For a longer shelf life, avoid getting scrub wet by using a spoon to scoop out scrub.


Floral Arrangement

Add a festive aroma to a faux flower and include it in your living floral arrangement.

What You Need



Faux Flower or Foliage

10-15 drops Candy Cane Lane Holiday Blend

How To

Arrange flowers and foliage in a decorative vase. Add 10-15 drops of Candy Cane Lane onto your faux flower or foliage. Refresh oil and flowers as needed.


Forest Fresh Lotion

Nourish your dry winter skin with Forest Fresh lotion. This lotion doubles as a respiratory aid.

What You Need

8 oz Unscented Lotion Base (formulated to have additional ingredients such as EOs added)

100 drops Forest Fresh Holiday Blend

How To

Follow the lotion base manufacturer’s instructions. Some require heating and some ask that you mix the essential oil directly into the lotion. Transfer to a lotion bottle or jar.


Marbled Pumpkins

Give your pumpkins a pop of color and intrigue with this easy marbling trick. 

What You Need

White Pumpkins

Nail Polish

Nail Polish Remover (just in case)

Lemon Essential Oil

How To

Fill bowl with enough water to submerge pumpkins. In a separate container, combine a few drops of nail polish and Lemon essential oil. Add the nail polish mixture to the water and swirl using a toothpick. Dip your pumpkin into the swirl, remove and allow to dry for 30 minutes.


Easy Garland Diffuser

Easy, breezy and fun, this fall garland will be the cherry on top of your holiday decor.

What You Need

Felt Leaves



Hope Synergy Blend

How To

Cut twine to your desired length. Pin felt leaves to twin using clothespins. Add a few drops of Hope to your garland. Make loops with the ends of the twine and hang on hooks.


Naturally Scented Pinecones

With this simple DIY, you can still enjoy scented pinecones even if you’ve banned synthetic fragrances from your home. 

What You Need

Clean Pinecones

Cinnamon Sticks

Bliss Synergy Blend

How To

Arrange your pinecones and cinnamon sticks in a decorative bowl. Add 10-15 drops of Bliss, depending on your desired aroma strength.

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